Saturday 1 March 2014

February 2014 in pictures

As it's a short month, February always catches me out.  I only realised it was March at about 10am, half-way through my first cup of coffee!

This month has been fun, despite the constant rain that plagued us for most of the month.

♥ We visited Hogwarts (I still need to write this up) and Lucas had his first butterbeer.
♥ Dave and I strolled around Bradford on Avon on a rare sunny and child-free day.
♥ I've been reading 'Stiff'.  Nice to read a bit of non-fiction for a change!
♥ Lucas had a dressing-up day at school, so I wound up weaving a bull whip out of brown duct tape for him so that he could be Indiana Jones.  (He looked super-cool, but no photo as we were running late.)  There's another dressing up day next week for World Book Day: he wants to be a rhinoceros. Weep with me, internet. Weep with me.
♥ I started knitting a Fourth Doctor scarf.  I'm having so much fun with all the stripes.

How's your February been?

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  1. We dress Scarlet up like Indiana Jones too! Boy, would our families have fun together!

  2. How did the Butterbeer taste? Sounds like you've had a great month. Aurora is dressing up as Wendy for World Book day next week x

    1. It had two distinct tastes...the head was thick, sweet, creamy and like butterscotch. I could have eaten that with a spoon all day long. The body of the beer was lightly fizzy and I guess to balance out how sweet the head was, it wasn't that sweet. Reminded me of Irn-Bru, to be honest. I wished that I'd put my travel cutlery in my camera bag so I could have just eaten the head :P


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