Friday 17 November 2017

Growing up with Paddington & Paddington 2

Marmalade sandwiches all round!  Paddington is back in the cinema but before I get to talking about the film, I want to take you back in time.  Not far, just a couple of weeks, to half-term when we were in London.

Lucas happened across a mention of a props exhibition for Paddington 2 at The Museum of London while reading 'First News'.  (An excellent introduction to tough news stories for kids.). I looked it up online and discovered that not only was there an exhibition, there was to be a talk the next day by Karen Jankel, Michael Bond's daughter, all about growing up with Paddington!

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Well, hello again

Well hello again, little blog!  It's been far too long, I don't think it's ever been quite this long.

So what's been keeping me away?  Oh, this and that.  Life continues a-pace, Lucas is growing up far too quickly--he'll soon be taller than me.  I have been reading loads, dabbling in learning Italian with Duolingo, and crafting little bits here and there.  I've recently re-discovered the joy of cooking (although not the joy of washing up) and have been enjoying digging up old recipes and introducing them to Lucas!

I have given up trying to grow anything other than a child--I managed to kill a bowl of succulents this year--and as a result my little apple tree in the garden seems to be thriving on being totally ignored.  (I fear that if I attempt any mulching, pruning, spraying or any act of gardening kindness that it will die on me.  I've got form after all.)

I'm not going to promise any sort of posting schedule, but I'm around, still dipping in and out of everyone's blogs--I never stopped reading!--and occasionally posting about lovely Bristol things, food, books, and crafts. is everyone?!

P.S. I switched back to Blogger, after a sojourn on self-hosted Wordpress, and totally forgot to download a copy.  So... there's about a year missing from the archives.  Ooops!
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