About Me

My name is Angela.  I'm 30-something and I live in Bristol with my husband, Dave, and our gorgeous son, Lucas.

In my spare time I read books, make things--I love cross stitch, crochet, and sometimes knitting--read comics, watch films and cook.  I've been into crafting since I was about seven when I learned to crochet from my great-great-aunt.  I wore the sparkly granny square slippers we made together for years.  Knitting followed quickly after that--I made all my own jumpers in high school, seriously uncool back then--and then I discovered cross stitch and it was love.

This is me.  Hello.

Little Apple Tree is a blog of all these things, the things I love.  Sometimes it will ramble and meander, sometimes it will have laser-sharp focus...but it will always reflect me.

You can find me on the web in various places:

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Oh, and the name?

I have a little apple tree at the bottom of my garden.  It was a Christmas present a few years ago from my in-laws after I mentioned always wanting to grow apples.  I love it, and thankfully it seems to thrive on my inept gardening!


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