Saturday, July 4, 2015


Shaun In The City starts in two days, on the 6th. Hooray!  It's felt like an absolute age since the London flock got rounded up by the farmer; we have been waiting quite impatiently to get our sheep spotting on.

Now, the trail officially starts on the 6th, but a few Shauns have started stealthily getting into position around the city following Nick Park's parade across the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  The lovely folks at Warmley Waiting Room welcomed their Shaun yesterday and there are three early bird Shauns at The Mall!


Shrek Shaun

"Beware, ogre."
Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I only have pictures of two; I'm afraid I was too lazy to go and track down the third, but I shall triumph another day!

The 'Shaun Shop' is also hosting an exhibition of mimi Shaun's decorated by local schools, so there's plenty to admire as excitement builds for Monday!

Our school's mini Shaun is still busy being decorated but I'm sure he would loved to have taken part in the show.  Still, there was a local-ish Shaun--this Special Delivery sheep from Mangotsfield School.

While we were in the Shaun Shop, I decided to treat myself to one of my favourite Gromits from the original trail.  It's taken me two years of dithering to finally get over the price of them!  Shipshape and Bristol Fashion is now happily ensconced on my Welsh dresser.  I wonder which Shaun will join him?!  (Eventually.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

On Monday we journeyed through time and space at the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in Cardiff.

As you've all noticed by now, I'm a huge Doctor Who fan--we all are actually--and we've had tickets booked for months and months. Every so often I'd catch sight of the note in the diary and get all excited before remembering that we still had ages to wait. But wait no more! It's been and gone now, or is still yet to come if you're further north...

Having never been to an event billed as a spectacular, let alone a symphonic spectacular, we weren't a hundred percent certain what to expect. I thought it might be a bit like Doctor Who at the Proms with monsters popping up every so often and I expected Peter Davison (Five!!) to tell a few jokes here and there, as he's quite fond of that.  Well, we got that and more!!

Peter Davison reunited with the TARDIS
Each piece of music, played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales with the Chorus of Wales (AKA The Doctor's House Band) and conducted by Ben Foster, was accompanied by a video montage.  We romped through the Twelfth Doctor's tenure, said "Hello, Hello" to the monsters, were invaded by some Daleks who invaded the Motorpoint Arena and forced the orchestra to play "Dalek music", and visited Last Christmas with the Dream-crab monsters mingling menacingly in the stalls.

The Teller
Concert photography is hard!!
Highlights were Abigail's Song from A Christmas Carol, originally performed by Katherine Jenkins and beautifully sung by Elin Manahan Thomas and the full Pandorica Suite. Absolutely spine tingling.  The Companions Theme was magnificent and has reminded me of how much I grew to love Donna Noble as Ten's companion. I really need to re-watch that series very soon...

And of course the performance wouldn't be complete without Murray Gold's reworking of the iconic Doctor Who theme!

Best of all, Lucas has decided that he likes orchestra music and wants to go to another concert. Result!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

The one where I meet The General Lee (and go racing)

Ever had one of those days when you nip out for a few minutes and then crawl home hours and hours later?

(That may be a slight analogy for my blogging habits of late, too...)

We popped to The Mall to pick up Dave's repaired iPhone and after plenty of mooching around the shops--so much gorgeous copper and crystal at John Lewis just now--we remembered that the Bristol Motor Show was on, so we had to stop to take a quick look...

Lucas checked out the new Smart cars: "Too big"
I was chatting with a rally car driver sponsored by my garage when Lucas hared over and demanded my phone because he had to take pictures.  When I eventually wandered over I found the boys getting snap happy with the '89 Batmobile.

So big! Had to a panorama to get it all in!
I'm afraid that for once the Batmobile didn't hold my attention. Right next to it was The General Lee!  Please tell me you've all heard of The Dukes of Hazzard?  My brother and I used to pretend that we were jumping The General whenever we drove over a humpback bridge and had that millisecond of hang-time... I was going to marry Bo Duke when I was old enough.

The General Lee
The General Lee. Even better than the Batmobile.
The Wee Man was in his own world of geeky joy as he went nuts over Bumblebee from the Transformers movies.

Love the Autobot detail on the wheels!
There were loads of lovely new cars at the show, but I couldn't help but coo over these beauties, who were selling ice-cream.

Possibly the cutest ice-cream stand ever!
From vintage to hi-tech loveliness...

Lucas loved having a go on one of the Freewheelers blood transport bikes and getting to play with the blues and twos.  I hadn't realised how huge these bikes are!

I thought it was a nice little show. There was a nice mix of eco--Smart cars, the Tesla, bike-powered smoothies--along with family cars, motorbikes, and fun displays from BMX riders.

Afterwards we were in the mood for a drive so we zoomed around the countryside which was absolutely stunning in the sunshine and eventually found ourselves at Castle Coombe watching the Lotus Owners Club track day.

Trust me, they were fast!
Sun, fast cars and a great view... we had loads of fun watching the racing and predicting who was going to spin off. Dave is the Undisputed Champion in that respect...

We loved watching all the Lotuses zoom around the track. I'm not sure I'd have the guts to throw my own car around the track but it's a hell of a lot of fun watching other people do it.  The boys are off to watch Smart car racing at Castle Coombe next month--I wasn't very interested before, but this was so much fun that I might tag along.  (If I can take an armchair.)

Here's some cars that managed to stay on the track!

And purely because no post is truly complete without a shot of the Wee Man, here's Lucas doing his very best 70s impression.

Straight out of The Professionals!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Big Chop!

New Year, new hair
So, for the last couple of years I've been mulling over the idea of chopping off all my straight hair and going back to an afro.  It's always stayed at the idea stage though as I can all-too-clearly remember tears every morning as Mum ripped an afro comb through my hair and it's cost me so much over the years to have it straightened so I might as well keep on keeping on despite my loathing of the hairdressers.  (Does anyone else hate vapid conversations about celebrities at the hairdressers, or is that just me?)

However, in January the idea hit me again mainly because I desperately needed to have my hair relaxed so I looked at Pinterest and discovered that I could do way more with my hair than sticking it in braids or wearing a mile-high afro.  So very tempting, but also a bit terrifying.

I popped into the hairdressers one Wednesday morning in January just to ask if they thought it would suit me, and before I knew it I was sitting in a chair, listening to the snip-snip of scissors and feeling my head getting lighter and lighter.

Bye-bye hair!
I won't lie...glancing down and seeing handfuls of hair littering the floor was a bit of a oh shit moment.  I don't do impulsive, and having 90% of my hair chopped off after a two minute conversation is pretty damn impulsive!

But, you know, so far so good!  It's been a month and my hair is so much easier to deal with--I feel, well, free.  YouTube has been an absolute goldmine of information; vloggers like Naptural85 and Chizi Duru have taught me more in a few videos than I've picked up in my entire lifetime.  I do envy their nimble fingers, though!  I've also spent a small fortune on pretty accessories for my hair at Claire's and Accessorize and for once I'm having fun with my hair!

Love wearing flowers in my hair!
If anyone's considering a big chop of their own, I'd say go for it! It's a bit chilly on a windy day, but I wouldn't change a thing!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all, from our (gingerbread) house to yours!  (Whether it's gingerbread or not!)

I wish you health, wealth, happiness and loads of fun in 2015!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Life lately...

Merry Christmas!
Hello! Long-time no see!

Life has been a mad whirlwind of activity since September and today is the first day in an absolute age when I've felt free to sit down and reacquaint myself with the sofa and do nothing.  (Well, almost. I'm bottling some sloe gin for a Secret Santa but that's hardly work.)

Make yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and let's catch up a little.

In October I became an auntie again!  My brother and sister-in-law welcomed baby Zander into the world and I made him a gorgeously snuggly quilt (and began my new obsession with quilting.)  Isn't he scrumptious?  Lucas is thrilled to have a boy cousin at last, but I think he'll have to wait for a few years before Zander will want to play Godzilla v Mothra...

The Covent Garden tree was immense!
November saw me popping up to London for a fabulously decadent and boozy weekend with my lovely friend Kate.  We began with cocktails at brunch in Canary Wharf on Saturday and carried on with that winning combination all weekend.  In our defence, the weather was particularly dire so sheltering indoors was an absolute necessity. And if our shelter happened to include a friendly barman, then that was purely by accident!

We did manage to pop to the National Portrait Gallery, wander around Covent Garden, see the (disappointing) lights on Regent Street and best of all, Liberty!  I've always wanted to go there and I was not disappointed even though we could barely move in their Christmas Shop. The Narnia-esque wood panel lift put the biggest smile on my face before we even got upstairs! So many beautiful things, I nearly popped with excitement!  I managed to restrain myself and come away with just an Alice in Wonderland tea towel.  It says, "We're all mad here," which is absolutely spot on for our household!

Everyone needs a Gangsta Octopus tile in their life...
On the WI front, I've been really busy preparing for our first charity choir concert and also making beautiful things for our stall at a local Handmade Market.  I went a little crazy and crocheted thread snowflakes for a Frozen-inspired wreath as well as making sparkly snowflake garlands.

Here's our fab choir singing our favourite song, "Rhythm of Life"!

We'll be at The Royal Albert Hall in a few years, mark my words!

On the home front, we finally got the Christmas tree up last weekend and showered it with lots of gorgeously shiny baubles. The house feels so cosy with the tree lights twinkling away and all our Christmassy treasures out on show.  School finishes on Friday and I'm really looking forward to (bravely) making a gingerbread house with Lucas next week!  I may even light it...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Get Your Knit On!

This week is National Knitting Week (6-12 October), a celebration of snuggly jumpers, woolly hats, and that thing with one too many arms (or legs) that your Grandma once made you.  The official soundtrack is the rhythmic click-clack of knitting needles.

By way of celebration I've dived into the odds and ends of yarn at the bottom of my knitting basket and started knitting little hats for the Innocent Big Knit.  It's really nice to work on a small project that gives almost immediate gratification for once--I'm still beavering away at my quilt bur the quilting design I went for feels absolutely endless.

If you haven't heard of the Innocent Big Knit, then here's a handy video for you:

I love seeing all the little be-hatted bottles on the shelves and it's much more fun than if Innocent were just to donate to AgeUK.  Plus, there are apparently collectors out there, who pay insane prices for the hats on eBay!!

I've been working my way through lots of the fantastic patterns on Jo's Big Knit and stretching my design muscles a little.  The three 'cake hats' in front are my own designs--I might have been craving cake when I came up with the carrot cake!  Thinking of things to turn into hats has been such a lot of fun.  I might try doing a jar of jam next and embroidering the label.  First though, I need to make a cup of tea to go with the cakes!

As I'm particularly pleased with my Viccy Sponge hat, I thought I'd leave my pattern for it, in case anyone else fancies making one (or improving upon it).  French knots aren't my thing, so I'm certain that yours will be better than mine!!

Victoria Sponge knitted hat

Victoria Sponge

light brown DK yarn (a sponge brown)
red DK yarn (suitably jam coloured)
cream DK yarn
4mm knitting needles
3.50mm crochet hook
wool needle

With the brown yarn cast on 28 stitches.
Purl one row.
Knit one row.
Starting with a knit row, stocking stitch (ss) 4 rows.
Join in the red yarn and knit one row.  Cut off the red yarn leaving a tail to work in at the end to secure the stitches.
Join in the cream yarn and purl one row.  Cut off the cream yarn leaving a tail.
Resume working with the brown yarn and ss 4 more rows.

Shaping top of cake: 
Purl one row
Knit one row (this creates a handy ridge for you to sew the icing to)
Starting with a knit row ss 2 rows
(K2, K2tog) repeat to end
Purl one row
(K1, K2tog) repeat to end
Purl one row
(K2tog) repeat to end.
Cut the yarn leaving a long tail enough to sew up the hat.  Thread a yarn needle and run the tail through the remaining stitches, pull up tightly and secure.  Sew hat up from the wrong side by oversewing row ends.  Work in the loose ends from creating the filling.  Turn right side out.

Crochet the icing (US crochet terms)
The icing is worked in continuous rounds until the very end, as shown in the pattern.  I use a paperclip as a stitch marker (I keep losing the proper ones!)

NB. If you wanted daintier icing, you could use 4ply yarn with a smaller hook. Thanks for the suggestion, Julia!

With cream yarn make a magic loop:

Round 1: 6 sc into loop. (6 sc)
Round 2: 2 sc in each st around. (12 sc)
Round 3: (2 sc in next st, sc in next st) 6 times. (18 sc)
Round 4: (2 sc in next st, sc in each of next 2 sts) 6 times. (24 sc)
Round 5: (2 sc in next st, sc in each of next 3 sts) 6 times. (30 sc)
Round 6: 3 sc in each st around, sl st in next st to join, fasten off, weave in the short end from the magic loop and leave the long end to sew onto the cake.

With red yarn sew a ring of French knots around the top of the icing, as shown in the picture.  Fasten securely.

Sew the decorated icing piece to the top of the cake.  I found it easiest to put the cake onto an empty smoothie bottle, pin the icing on, and then sew from just behind the frill of the icing down into the ridged row at the beginning of the shaping.


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