Monday 3 March 2014


It's not every day that you see a motorcade in our sleepy little suburb!  Today traffic stopped for Jenny Jones's victory parade from Downend, where she grew up, to City Hall for a reception to celebrate her historic snowboarding medal at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

(via The Telegraph)
Parents and children waving the Union Flag braved the rain and lined the route.  Spirits were high, with the kids dancing on the pavement and chanting, "We want Jenny Jones; well done, Jenny Jones!"

I think we were all a bit disappointed that when the open-top bus finally arrived as it zoomed straight past.  I assumed that it would be making a slow, majestic journey so that we could all wave and cheer.  I'd barely opened my mouth before it was gone!  I did manage to snap one pic and Jenny looked really happy, waving away merrily.

Welcome home, Jenny!  We're all super-proud of you!!

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  1. It is a shame it didn't stop for you to talk or just cheer for her more. It's always nice when local Olympians come back to their home town x

    1. Everyone here is so proud of her--it's lovely!

  2. We went down to see her go through the centre of town. The kids were so excited to see her - but when she arrived she was standing on the other side of the bus (we were standing on a dual carriageway, so it wasn't like there were people cheering on the other side of the road who could see her). I could see her, but the kids, being short, missed her. They were so disappointed. They really wanted to see the medal! I'm glad you got a good view though!

  3. That's a shame they didn't go slower - it seems to defeat the point a bit by going by so fast!

    I think there's supposed to be one for Lizzie Yarnold at some point - the local rag said the council would probably organise a bus tour (and we're hoping we'll all be allowed an hour off work to go and watch the bus start from the other end of the campus) but it is BANES council and needless to say, nothing's been done about it yet! :-) xx


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