Thursday 6 March 2014

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day (although, in our house every day feels like World Book Day) and as ever, this means dressing up.

Lucas's class has been studying African folk tales so they were all asked to dress up as their favourite African animal.  Lucas, being Lucas, decided that he wanted to be a rhinoceros as he really liked Running Rhino by Mweyne Hadithi.

If you ever find yourself in the peculiar position of needing to make a rhino costume, then craft foam and a hot glue gun are your friends.  I think every parent should be issued with a stash of craft foam and a hot glue gun when their child goes to primary school--so many costumes!  I also made a short tail for Lucas to wear from duck tape--love this stuff--which he has loved swishing around.

The cutest rhino you'll ever meet!
To round things off, here's a #shelfie of Lucas with his latest book, in front of a couple of bookcases rammed full of comics and graphic novels.

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  1. I am impressed. Your craft skills are far more developed than mine..I went for the ready bought option which annoyingly was then ''lost' by the post office, despite them telling us they tried to deliver it. So Fred had to dig out a Halloween special - the trusty skeleton costume - and go as funny bones. Initially there were tears (his not mine) but he came round to the idea. Despite my craft-fail and costume woes, I do love seeing all the kids in their outfits. Lucas looks amazing. x

    1. Dave did most of the mask, so all credit for innovation to him! I have discovered a deep love for duct and gaffer tape--maybe I should go on Mythbusters!!

      Also: Funny Bones is awesome! Bet Fred looked fab!

  2. Oh wow, his costume looks amazing! I already feel sorry for my future child because I'm rubbish at making costumes hehe!

    Jennie xo |

    1. Costume making is such a big thing these days. Thankfully our school has pared back on the dressing up days. Last year there were five!! This year there's been three, and thankfully he had a costume already for one of them!!


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