Sunday 9 March 2014


I can't believe we're ten weeks into the year!  2014 is whizzing by.  Just like Lucas, who decided that the Yew Walk at Tyntesfield made a fantastic sprint track yesterday.  Both feet off the ground and full of the joys of Spring!

Joining in with Jodie's 52 Portraits project.

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  1. Oh, LOOK at him! Looks just like spring.
    Our heat has been off all day and I'm ready to throw a party. It was only 36 today but the extra sunshine warmed the house. Go solar energy! And better temps are coming..

  2. Look at him go! Was he wearing his fast trainers? You're going to have such a beautiful record of Lucas this year :o)
    M x

  3. Hi Angela, I've been following for a while, but just popping over from the Facebook Blogtacular page to say Hi and that you definitely won't be in a corner on your own in May! :-)


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