Thursday 20 March 2014

Geeking out: the London Super Comics Convention

Marvel cosplay ensemble, London Super Comics Con
Make mine Marvel!
Last weekend we went to the 2014 London Super Comics Convention at Excel.  LSCC is our favourite con by far, probably the best in the UK these days, and it's always so much fun to go along and catch up with our friends and immerse ourselves in geeky fun for a weekend!  Plus, it's London, and I will never grow out of being absurdly thrilled to be in The Big City.

As dedicated con-goers, we went out for breakfast instead of queueing up to be in as soon as the doors opened.  As traditionally British as queueing is, I'd rather eat an awesome breakfast instead and saunter in when the queue has died down.  Plus, standing in a queue with an increasingly bored kid is misery incarnate.

Mind you, the funky Predators would have livened up the queue!  They had moves.

Funky Predators at London Super Comics Con
Hey, Predators can party, too!
Lucas decided on Friday morning that he wanted to cosplay after all--we had weeks of him dithering about it--and so Dave spent Friday fashioning a Cyclops (from the X-Men) costume for him.  I think he did a bloody fantastic job for such short notice!

Lucas cosplaying at Cyclops at the London Super Comics Con

Lucas also briefly teamed up with The Avengers (and was deemed so cute by the bloke running the Panini stand that he was given a free book)!

Lucas teams up with The Avengers

This year, rather than queue up for sketches as I normally do, I was quite content to wander around and chat to friends between geeking out over some totally excellent cosplay.

Black Cat, London Super Comics Convention

This pic is one of my favourites; for one, the Judges look badass, and the realistic Iron Man armour is beyond amazing, but there's also the Samsung camera robot following everyone around and taking it's own action pics.  I can't wait to see some of the shots it took during the con.  (And I really I hope I don't make the cut--I pulled the most dreadful face while I read it's sign, and then realised it was staring at me.  Eeek!)

Isn't this incredible?  Never seen cosplay armour like this before!!
Deathstroke & Batwoman // Batgirl & Commissioner Gordon

Loved the Ghostbusters!
The Cyberman was amazing; he even had air-conditioning in his helmet!
Dave spent most of Saturday trying to catch the very elusive Frank Cho to collect his She-Hulk commission.  The story behind this one is a bit weird...Frank Cho is pretty famous in the comics world and as such, he cherry picks what he wants to draw from ideas submitted by hopeful fans.  He said that he'd let people know on the Monday of the con week if they'd "made the list" but we heard nothing until 8pm on Friday when we were driving into London.  Cue a mad dash to the bank on Saturday morning for cash!

Still, Dave has now met Frank Cho and also has a rather lovely (and naked) She-Hulk commission!  (I expect Lucas to be mortified by this when he's in his teens.)

As I said, I didn't get any sketches done for myself.  I did stop by a few of my favourite artists for a quick chat--always lovely to see Ian Churchill and Mark Buckingham--and I treated myself to a fantastic Second Doctor print by Al at Astral Gypsy.  It's so very him; I love it!

Unsurprisingly we spent ages standing around while Lucas pawed through all the toys on display looking for the perfect Transformers toy.  He found one rare one which was ridiculously expensive and had just enough money for it, but then discovered that it was a statue rather than a proper Transformer.  He was gutted.  I've never seen him go from happy to tears so fast.

He cheered up with the promise of shopping for Transformers at Forbidden Planet the next weekend, and on the Sunday I bought him a Transformers commission from the very lovely (and eternally cheerful) Lee Bradley which he loves.

One of the coolest things about this year's con was bumping into the Sneaky Zebra guys a few times and getting to watch how they shoot their epic cosplay con videos.  There's a fair chance that we might be in the background this time--Lucas is beyond excited to see their video!

The con also saw the début of my Fourth Doctor scarf!  Dave and Lucas drifted off to sleep on Friday and Saturday nights to the clicking of my needles as I frantically knitted.  In the end, I finished adding the fringe about five minutes before we left for the second day of the con. I was thrilled when a few people stopped me to ask about it!!

We had a brilliant time at LSCC, even better than previous years which is quite a feat, and will definitely be back next year.  We're hoping to bring along some friends and their kids, and maybe dress them all up as a super-team!

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Those costumes are so amazing, I can't believe one had air-conditioning haha :) xx

  2. What a fantastic scarf! Love the colours. Some seriously impressive costumes out there. The ghostbusters are my fave!

  3. It is a beautiful scarf!
    And the air-conditioned Cyberman! How smart! I sincerely hope they do that in Disney World, but I would be more surprised if they did.
    This looks perfect day!

  4. Oh wow that looks like SO much fun! On my list of things to do next year :) Your scarf looked amazing! x

    1. Let me know if you do end up going, Liz! It's loads of fun--unleash your geekiness!

  5. Great post! I got here from Sunnysweetpea's blog. I went to LSCC too and have my report(s) up on on (scroll back a couple of posts).
    Your Shulkie commission is great!

  6. Replies
    1. Kenny!! Your Iron Man suit was totally, 100% AMAZING!! I can't believe it was a rush job! Not sure about May--I'm off to a conference which means money, money, money. We'll see :)


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