Wednesday 5 March 2014

Bringing Spring indoors--my yarn-wrapped wreath

Brightening up our kitchen door
Did I mention that I joined the Women's Institute recently?  It's something that I've wanted to do for years, so when I spotted a mention of it on Twitter and realised that it was just a few streets away, I went for it!  The launch event ended up in the papers as over three hundred women turned up!  Crazy stuff!  We're now the biggest WI in the country, which is a bit mind-boggling.

Our WI is pretty amazing; not only is it record-breakingly large and full of friendly women, but there are loads of fantastic sub-groups and craft workshops springing up as well as the main meetings.  I spent Sunday afternoon at our very first choir practice--we sounded fantastic after just three and a half hours of tuition, we'll be in the Royal Albert Hall before we know it--and a couple of weeks ago I popped around to Vicky's house with some other ladies for a spring wreath workshop.  I can't resist the opportunity to mess around with yarn!

It turns out that wrapping yarn around a wreath form is surprisingly relaxing and addictive!  I have somehow managed to resist the urge to wrap the entire house in pretty pastel yarns, but with Easter coming up there's a very good chance that I'll get creative!

Making pretty felt roses and trying to choose buttons
All you need to do is wrap yarn round a wreath form--we used polystyrene ones--making sure that none of the base shows through.  Change colours if you want, keeping any knots to the back of your work.  Once you've wrapped your wreath, add some flowers, buttons, yarn-wrapped polystyrene eggs, whatever you fancy.  We used hot glue, which is amazing stuff.  Why has no one let me play with a hot glue gun before??  Add a loop of ribbon, and you're done.

If you want a more detailed tutorial, check this one out.

Love the pearls on the roses!
Everyone's wreaths came out differently; some of the girls went for bold colour combinations with pink and purple yarns, while others made gorgeous wreaths using muted shades of greens with buttercup yellow flowers.  They were all lush and I think we were all justifiably proud of our creations!

Vicky's wreath--love the blue ribbon wrapped round it!
If you're feeling inspired and fancy making a wreath of you own, check out my Pinterest board.  So many beautiful wreaths--I want to make them all!

Follow Angela Williams's board Wreaths on Pinterest.

And if you're curious about the Women's Institute--it's not all "jam and Jerusalem", and you don't need to strip off for a calendar, either--then click here to find your nearest WI branch!

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  1. They are so pretty, I might make one for my Mum as an Easter present. Thanks x

    1. You totally should! The yarn wrapping is pretty can do that while you watch a film and then pay a bit more attention to the flowers. Loads of fun :)

  2. This looks like such a lovely idea, I've always fancied a wreath :) x

    1. It's really easy. I thought the flowers would be hard, but it's really difficult to go wrong with them, and felt is pretty cheap so you can make as many mistakes as you like :P

      I'm probably going to make some as presents later in the year, and next week I'm planning to make an outdoor wreath for my front door! Being brave :)

  3. Three hundred people? That's one big and very successful launch!
    I love the yarn wreaths though - beautiful colours and very spring like :-)
    I've always thought about joining my local WI but never got round to it - I'm not really sure when I'd fit it in though either and I think my local one is only quite small. I did join a local Wives Group a few years ago when I worked part time but had to give up going when I got my current job.
    That's a shame about the calendars though - I'd definitely be up for stripping off for charity! :-) xx

    1. I know! It was quite overwhelming when we were all trying to cram into the hall. I had no idea there were so many women in the area!!

      We're in Women's Weekly this week--hitting the big time ;) I'll have to ring my mum!

  4. I've also been interested in joining but scared it's only older women - will def have a look again in the area, as it sounds like it's making a come back! Lovely easter idea & great way of using up pretty yarn

    Bee Happy and Healthy

    1. A lot of WIs have websites and FB pages these days so you can check them out before you go. You can also go along to meetings as a visitor to test the waters!

      There are so many young and funky WIs--I'm sure you'll find one to suit!


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