Tuesday 17 September 2013

Twenty things about me

This post is inspired by Aubrey's fantastic list over at The Daily Simple.  I quite enjoyed answering loads of questions for the Liebster Award post I did recently, so here are twenty random things about me!

1. I'm Scottish, albeit with an (apparently) confusing accent.  I've been asked what I'm doing, so far away from New Zealand, Canada, America, and even Ireland.  Get my accent right and you'll get a gold star!

2. I'm a big fan of comics, Doctor Who, and all sorts of "geeky" stuff.  I was so uncool as a kid; luckily the world has caught on and now I'm uber-cool!

3. When I was little, I used to spend loads of time in the back garden making mud pies.  I would beg yoghurt pots from Mum and let mud set in them before turning it out and decorating with daisies.  My speciality was a peppermint mud cookie, with an impression left in the top from a mint leaf.  Everyone had to come and "buy" some!

4. I used to belly dance.  I once performed in front of about 200 people.  It was both exhilarating and terrifying.

5. Talking of dancing...you'll find me bopping away in the kitchen whenever I'm cooking dinner.

6. I started finding grey and white hairs when I was 16.  I blame this entirely on my Dad.  He rocked the Mad Scientist crazy white hair for as long as I can remember.  I'm looking forward to a full-on head of white hair eventually...it'll look awesome!  For now, it's a race to keep the fast-growing roots at the front covered up!

7.  I'm a dog person, not a cat person.  Dogs rule!!

8.  I am allergic to both dogs and cats, but I'll put up with itching and sneezing in return for doggy cuddles.

9.  In my third year of university, I managed to get tendonitis in both wrists.  I have no idea how!!  I wound up wearing splints for most of the year, and had to have a scribe for my exams.  Speaking an essay is torture!  (As is verbally drawing out molecules.  Woe)

10. I have a fish-shaped birthmark.  It even has a mole for an eye.

11. I was briefly an editor for a comic publishing company.  I am listed on Amazon!

12.  I hate cardio at the gym.  I would much rather just lift weights faster.  Sadly the instructors don't see things the same way.

13. I have a tattoo.  It has absolutely no meaning behind it--I had to stop watching Miami Ink because everyone always had a heart-rending story being their proposed ink--I just wanted something pretty.

Spot the difference

14. I love watching crime shows on TV.  I have loved all the Law & Order versions, CSI, Dexter, Luther, Whitechapek...the works.

15. Cloud-gazing is one of my favourite things.  There's nothing better than a blue sky and a fine selection of clouds to find shapes in or make up stories about.

16.  I was once interviewed on Radio Scotland about my collection of cookbooks.  At that time, I had over 200, all of which I'd cooked from.  My Mum was so proud.

17. I passed my driving test when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant, on what was possibly my tenth attempt.  I stopped counting after a while as it was, quite frankly, dispiriting.  The thing was...I was a good driver, but incredibly nervous that I'd fail, which then led me to make silly mistakes which got me failed.  When I passed, I stalled the car leaving the test centre, assumed I'd failed again, and then just drove. I passed with two minor faults.  My instructor burst into tears, and then I did.  The poor examiner...I still feel sorry for him.

18. I am one of life's perpetually cold people. Luckily, Dave is one of those lucky warm people.  He's always got warmth to spare!

19. I really wanted to play the guitar when I was a teenager.  Unfortunately I neglected to specify what sort of guitar... My parents surprised me with a classic acoustic guitar--in hindsight, very, very nice of them--but I wanted to rock out like Slash!!

20. I am on an Epic Quest to find the ultimate chilli recipe.  My current favourite is this Chocolate Chilli from The Clothes Make The Girl.  I tweak it a little by adding chunks of chopped mushroom in an effort to pretend that there are beans in there!

And that's it!

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  1. Wow, we've a few things in common! ... I'm a kitchen dancer, and Izzy the Cocker Spaniel joins in (cue Mr M's rolling eyes!).

    I also went grey very young, not sure exactly what age but before I was 21. These days, I'm not in such a rush to dye my Cruella De Vil streak! But I still do when I have time.

    And my Step Dad bought me a classic acoustic too, you couldn't even use a pick as it had 3 nylon strings! I've since bought 2 more guitars. I can't play guitar! ;)

    Great post ... I may steal the idea! xx

    1. I have a very definite Cruella streak, too! I'd leave it, but I was mortified when a kid mistook me for Lucas's grandma. I'll be dyeing it into my 70s at this rate!

      Nice to know we've got so much in common! xx

  2. I figured this was the best post to start with in getting to know you as a blogger following the #fblchat :) Glad to see another blogger that is a fan of the nerdier things in life!

    I too will occasionally have a little dance in the kitchen, it helps with the cooking and washing up! x

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cat!

      I think there are quite a few 'quietly nerdy' people around. I keep meaning to blog about being a geek, but haven't quite gotten around to it.

  3. I used to sit in my garden with an imaginary library with papers and cardboard boxes and try and flog them to my neighbours (perhaps that's where my interest in libraries comes from!?)

    Ooh and it's probably really nosy, but whereabouts in Scotland are you from? (no worries if you don't want to say). I'm technically Scottish, well, if being born there counts. When I was born we lived in a village on the Gare Loch near Helensburgh, but we moved when I was 18 months old so sadly I don't have the accent :-(

    We did spend pretty much every summer school holiday touring round Scotland in a motorcaravan though so my parents made sure I knew almost every town, city, loch and island before I was 18! :-) x

    1. I love the sound of your imaginary library! I once catalogued all of my books and added little library stickers to their spines. My poor hardback Enid Blytons!! I cringe when I think about it now.

      I'm from the far, far north...up by John o'Groats. Nice to meet another Scot (being born there totally qualifies)! xx

  4. Well you know I love Doctor Who too! And all hopelessly uncool things, actually. Never got into Star Trek, though.

    1. I'll watch Star Trek if it's on, but I wouldn't call myself a proper fan. I've been turned into a Star Wars fan by Dave and Lucas's obsessive re-watching of the films.

      Obviously nothing will ever beat Doctor Who, though!! (I really want a shed like yours!)


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