Saturday 28 September 2013

Lovely things to do in Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season by far.

It's so refreshing to escape the heat of the summer--wasn't this year a doozy?--and not only sleep well again, but also wake up to lovely crisp mornings with dew sparkling like diamonds on spider webs.  Leaves are falling with every small gust of wind, soon the trees will be bare and we'll be waking up to frost.

Here are some of my favourite things to do in Autumn...

Go for a walk in the woods (and jump in a leaf pile)
Jumping in a big pile of crispy, dry leaves is one of Lucas's favourite things to do in Autumn.  I really like it, too!  The woods are beautiful at this time of year, but they can be a tad muddy.  Wellies (and jumping in muddy puddles) would be a very good idea!

Go apple picking
It's almost time for the apple harvest.  Due to the weirdly long winter we had in the UK, it's turned into a bumper year for apples.  (I don't understand it either, this is just what very excited cider makers on the TV tell me.)

If you don't have your own apple tree, odds are that there'll be an orchard somewhere nearby, well, maybe not if you're living somewhere tropical (but if you are, go and pick whatever's on the trees).  There are plenty of of fun apple events around; go and have a go at the apple-on-the-spoon race and eat loads of apple pie!

Make some truly decadent hot chocolate
Really good hot chocolate begins with some good dark chocolate and melted into a blend of milk and cream, and definitely has a pinch of salt to bring out all the flavour of the chocolate.  None of this powdered hot chocolate in a jar nonsense.  Treat yourself to the real stuff.

(And maybe add a hefty glug of Baileys or Advocaat instead of whipped cream on top...)

Make a bowl of porridge
Porridge is the perfect warm and filling breakfast for a chilly Autumn morning.  Don't let childhood memories of salted or just plain unsweetened porridge put you off!  You could cook up a cinnamon-laced apple compote and let that nestle on top of a bowl of creamy porridge to sweeten every mouthful.  Or stir through some maple syrup, and crumble pecans on top.

For loads of great porridge (aka oatmeal) ideas, check out Kath Eats Real Food's Tribute to Oatmeal.

Knit a scarf
© Old Nan's Needles
The cooler weather in Autumn makes it perfect for knitting.  A lapful of yarn will keep you cosy while you knit yourself a new Winter scarf (or two).  If you've been meaning to learn to knit, a scarf is a brilliant beginner's project.  I've been working on this Game of Thrones inspired scarf designed by Elissa from Old Nan's Needles.

Go to a bonfire party or a fireworks display
Firework display
There's always a huge bonfire and fireworks display in our village, so we never bother with lighting fireworks ourselves.  Plus, it's much safer to go to a display.  If the weather's a bit rubbish we all crowd into Lucas's bedroom and watch it with him.  We often go to a friend's fireworks party and feast on BBQ--much as I hate to admit anyone is better at cooking than I am...he does do amazing brisket and pulled pork!

What are your favourite Autumn activities?

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  1. There's a big difference between not good hot cocoa, and good hot cocoa. You have the good stuff right there! The same goes for porridge.
    I do love apple picking and corn mazes. Photography, of course! And going for leaf-peeping drives which is a real thing out here.

    1. Never done a corn maze, I think that's probably unique to America. I'm not a big fan of mazes in general, unless they're ankle height and I know I can escape!

  2. Oh I NEED a Game of Thrones scarf in my life! Thanks lady
    M x

    1. Well, you were looking at knitting patterns the other day...

  3. That hot cocoa looks fantastic! Thanks for linking to #LOBS!

  4. Ahh, hot chocolate, my drink of choice all year round! :-)

    We always go and watch the free fireworks displays in Bridgwater (Fri 1st Nov) and in Burnham on Sea (Sun 3rd Nov) - they're really big ones set to music. Plus my favourite Autumn activity is Carnival season here in Somerset! :-) x


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