Sunday 8 September 2013

Brunch at Yurt Lush

Yurt Lush at Creative Commons
While we were Gromit hunting a couple of weeks ago--did I mention we've bagged all 80 now--we came across a curious thing near Temple Meads.  A circus tent, and three yurts.

In pursuit of "A Grand Day Out" Gromit, we'd come to Creative Common, a arts collective in what used to be some pretty ugly wasteland behind Temple Meads railway station.  The circus tent housed, unsurprisingly, circus skills courses over the summer for children--Lucas was gutted that it was for 8+--and will play host to Bristol's Circus Festival over September.

The yurts turned out to house Yurt Lush, such a great Bristolian pun, which was a cafe and bar.  It was hustling and bustling, which we took as a really good sign.  However, since they were participating in the Make Sunday Special event, all their tables were booked for Sunday lunch.  We pouted a little, but decided to come back another weekend for brunch instead.

We went back last weekend for brunch, and what a brunch it was!

I am really liking this new trend of using empty treacle tins as sugar bowls.  I do wonder what happened to all the treacle, since I didn't see any especially treacle-y things on the menu!

I was really torn between the tempting, yet utterly unhealthy Welsh Rarebit and the House Granola.  In the end I opted for the granola, as I quite fancied some fruit and my heart will always belong to crunchy, lightly sweet granola.  Lucas uhm'd and ahh'd for a while and eventually chose a Smoked Bacon Sandwich.  Dave was laser-focused and went for the Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon.  We ordered some lattes and a tiny pot of tea for Lucas, and settled down to wait.

Lucas loved the long tables and benches as they made for perfect runways.  Thankfully his plane was persuaded to be in stealth mode which saved me from whooshes and booms before coffee.

Latte and pot of tea at Yurt Lush

You'd never guess that Lucas was dead proud to be pouring his own cup of tea, would you?  I loved that they provided a tiny milk bottle rather than a jug, which led to a conversation about how milk used to always come in bottles from the milkman.  And a slight tangent of how dreadful it was that kids these days don't know what a proper telephone looks like, or what a record is, let alone a cassette tape... The latte was fantastic; I'm guessing that they used beans from a local coffee roaster as they had a big board up talking about the local provenance of their ingredients.

Our breakfast arrived really quickly--I refuse to call it brunch at 10am!--and we tucked in.  I thought Dave's smoked salmon and scrambled eggs looked particularly pretty, and he assured me that it was particularly tasty, too!

My granola was a little underwhelming at first sight, but it turned out to be absolutely delicious.  It was bursting with seeds and nuts and paired really well with the thick, delicious yoghurt.  There was also a little bowl of poached plums which added just the right amount of sweetness.  As it was quite a virtuous breakfast I got to shine my food halo, too.

Lucas was pleased with his bacon sandwich, and so were we when we snaffled a bite when he wasn't looking!  He had a little bowl of Tommy-K and happily dipped his sandwich in every so often and made happy noises.

Gorgeous carvings on the yurt supports
 I think it's fair to say that we'll definitely be back!  The food was really good quality and good value for money, and I loved the yurts--I may be developing a thing for yurts...I made a beeline for the yurt tearooms at Berkeley Castle recently, too.  Yurt Lush also has a great, relaxed atmosphere and the staff were absolutely lovely.

Yurt Lush @ Creative Common
Isambard Walk
Temple Quay (behind Temple Meads Railway Station)




  1. Oh my, that photo of Lucas pouring his milk has melted my heart! SO adorable!

  2. What an amazing looking place to have breakfast, the food looks amazing too :)

    1. It was so pretty inside...I loved the carvings around the supports. I really want to go back and try their noodles in a jar at lunchtime.

  3. These Yurts are so cute! You go to the loveliest of places! :)

    1. Awww, thank-you, Danni! I do try to find slightly different places to eat xx


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