Saturday 21 September 2013

Gromit Unleashed round-up, part three

Oops a Daisy poses with Lucas
Bristol has gone Gromit crazy all over again.  People have been queueing for as long as six hours to visit The Greatest Dog Show in the World exhibition!  I thought the queues would be bad, but not this bad!  Suffice to say that we have abandoned our plans to go on Sunday!!  Instead, I thought that another Gromit round-up would be a nice idea...

(clockwise) Two Eds are Better than One, The Wild West, Blossom, Five a Day Dog
I had to look up the story behind Two Eds are better than One. Apparently the two Eds in question are Ed Milliband and Ed Balls and the artist, Peter Brooks, is a political cartoonist.  That would explain why I was left absolutely cold by this one.  Lucas on the other hand thought it was very funny!

I absolutely loved The Wild West, though!  All the animals of the West Country, daytime and nocturnal, and with a badger on his bottom.  He was really fun, especially the ladybird eyes.

Blossom, as his name suggests, is absolutely covered in flower blossoms.  She was very pretty, and worthy of a cuddle.  Five a Day Dog wasn't quite as I'd expected, but had certainly had both some Victorian elegance and his five a day!

Gromberry deserves some extra love, I think!  He's been very cleverly painted to produce a seeded texture while remaining absolutely flat.  I had to touch him to make sure!  I love his collar, and the strawberry stalk tail is just perfect.

(clockwise) Bristol Bulldog, Creature Comforts, The Secret Garden, Eldoradog, Oops a Daisy, Harmony
We trekked out to the airport one day to find Bristol Bulldog--named for a plane, Lucas tells me--and also claimed The Secret Garden and Oops a Daisy while we were at it.  Oops a Daisy was awesome...such a simple design but it works so well.  He looked great in the courtyard at Tyntesfield.

Harmony and Eldoradog were a bit far flung, too, with Harmony in the beer garden of a pub in Hawkesbury Upton and Eldoradog just outside Westonbirt Arboretum.  I loved all the delicately painted birds on Harmony but found Eldoradog a bit garish.

(clockwise) Sugar Plum, The Green Gromit, Antique Rose, Feathers
Both Antique Rose and The Green Gromit were easy to find out at The Mall.  Antique Rose was designed by Cath Kidston, and was, well...very Cath Kidston.  The Green Gromit was designed by one of the lads from One Direction and thus had a lot of fans.  To us, however, it was a rather thinly veiled Green Lantern Gromit.  (Gromit would make a good member of the Green Lantern Corps, though!)

I liked Sugar Plum, outside The Redgrave Theatre in Clifton--very simple and understated.  Feathers, on Gloucester Road was at the opposite end of the spectrum!  Bright, bright, bright and really fun.

Apparently there have been rumours of another art trail in Bristol next Summer (so say a few people who've managed to get into the exhibition).  They'll have to work hard to top the sheer awesomeness of the Gromits!  I can't wait to hear how much they raise at auction (and whether any of them will stay in Bristol)!

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  1. Gromberry is incredible! What a paint job.
    Hope you manage to get into the Greatest Dog Show eventually-I'd like to visit vicariously :o)
    M x

  2. Ahh Gromberry was one of my faves as well! I know what you mean about Eldoradog as well, he was just a bit, well, garish is exactly the right word!

    Wonder what'll be on display next year!? :-) x


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