Sunday 25 August 2013

Street art around Bristol

Superhero Mural
Superhero Mural from "See No Evil" 2012, taken by Dave earlier this year
Street (or urban) art has really exploded in Bristol over the last few years.  The Banksy Effect seems to have legitimised it as a form of art--I remember immense queues of people snaking around outside the City Museum when the Banksy Exhibition was on--and now there are pieces of art springing up everywhere replacing gang tags and regular old graffiti.

As we've been Gromit hunting and venturing into new places in the city, or just places we haven't been to for ages, I've spotted cool bits of art that have had me hauling out my phone to snap a quick picture.  I love finding unexpected pops of colour and clever designs in strange places.

I was certainly surprised to see hot air balloons inside the car park on Trenchard Street!  There seems to be a different theme on each floor, which is a very cool way of remembering what level you've parked on.

Hot air balloon art in Trenchard Street car park
In 2011 and 2012, we had the "See No Evil" event on Nelson Street in the city centre, which was aimed at rejuvenating a dilapidated area via paint.  It certainly achieved that aim, and whenever I walk down Nelson Street there are always people taking photographs, so I suspect it's brought a bit of tourism into the city, too!

This is my favourite piece from "See No Evil" 2011. I was so sad when it was grayed out and painted over for the 2012 show.  The tromp l'oeil effect of the vines wrapping around the pillars was stunning.  It's so different to the other art on the street...calm and tranquil colours.  I'm glad that I've got a photo to remember it by.

"See No Evil", 2011. Photo taken by Dave


Another one that's gone (and replaced!)  I love the gum ball machine!


This futuristic-yet-mediaeval knight is very cool, too!  Great colours.

Also on Nelson Street there is a lovely little Dalek stencil tucked away in a doorway which Lucas adores, and in the archways of the old city wall, beside the church of St John on the Wall, there are lovely commissioned murals of sea monsters, ships and Neptune.

On our way to Millennium Square on Friday, I walked past this fantastic four-part mural beside Tesco Express.  I must have walked past it loads of times without really seeing it.  This time, I stopped and snapped a few photos.  The giant squid has really, really long tentacles!

Lucas spotted this fantastic Optimus Prime in Stokes Croft as we were driving past.  (I'm quite proud of my drive-by photography on this one!)

One day we're going to go for a walk around Stokes Croft and have fun looking at all the different bits of art work brightening up the place.

And finally, no post on Bristol street art would be complete without a Banksy, so here's the one at the foot of Park Street from a slightly unusual angle.  (Lucas was most scandalised by the 'nudey man'!)



  1. Lovely post! The art is so creative :)

    1. Thanks, Huda :) It's so nice to see different styles of art popping up all over the city.


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