Friday 9 August 2013

Friday Favourites

Week two of the school holidays has been brilliant, if a bit on the tiring side.  So TGIF!  We've been on the go every day and have had loads of fun in our lovely city, hence my favourites this week are a bit Bristol-centric.

Favourite Place: Bristol!

I am loving this video of Bristol.  It showcases just how vibrant and fun our beautiful city is.  I've lived here for eight years now and I seem to have gone native.  Food is now lush and I found myself talking about going to Ikeal rather than IKEA the other day!

Favourite event: The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

This balloon flew super-low over our street
The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta started last night and we were lucky enough to be treated to a huge flight of balloons over our house.  I think twelve in total flew past, one huge one just scraping over the neighbours' house with inches to spare.  We could hear the crew yelling, "We made it!" as we waved madly up at them.  Sadly we didn't see any of the shaped balloons--Lucas would have loved to have seen the Minion one, I'm sure!

If you're heading to the Fiesta this weekend, then I recommend taking the shuttle bus from the centre of town (details on the official website, link above).  When we visited the Fiesta last year it made life so much easier!

Favourite film: Sharknado

Sharknado!  Is there anyone out there who hasn't heard about Sharknado?  It's built up so much hype that it was practically a cult classic before it aired in America.  We watched it on Wednesday night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It won't win any prizes for acting or script, but who cares?  There are sharks!  In a tornado!  Who could want for anything else in a film?  Syfy have already said that they're going to make a sequel, woohoo!

Sharknado cosplay at SDCC
Sharknado cake by Charm City Cakes West
Charm City Cakes West (aka Ace of Cakes) made this awesome gravity-defying Sharknado cake!  I would love to see the support system for this cake.
Favourite Food: Angelberry, Broad Quay, Bristol

(L) Lucas's multi-flavour extravaganza, (R) my mango & coconut froyo with mango pearls
We treated ourselves to some frozen yogurt on Wednesday at Angelberry on Broad Quay.  I'm not sure if I'm just unobservant or if Angelberry is a new addition to the centre of town--regardless, they are most welcome!

Angelberry is a self-serve frozen yogurt parlour.  You choose your size of tub, then pick from as many of the 10 flavours as you like.  After that, pile on the toppings and maybe some hot fudge sauce if that's your thing.  Take your magnificent creation to be weighed, pay, and then dig in!

I shared a tub with Lucas this time.  He chose vanilla, caramel and strawberry.  I added in some pina colada and then we put on as many toppings as it could take.  I suppose we could have filled in the spaces with hundreds and thousands...  The strawberry and pina colada were our favourites on this occasion.  They were both really fresh and fruity.  The vanilla and caramel were perfectly lovely, but they just didn't have the zing of fresh fruit.

Do note that the flavours change on a near-daily basis.  I was hoping for more of the amazing dairy-free coconut froyo that I had last time, but they didn't have it available that day.  The pina colada came a jolly good second, though!

And that's it!  Happy Friday, everyone!


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