Friday 23 August 2013

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!

A bit late today, but we spent all morning roaming across Bristol en masse with Lucas's friends Gromit hunting!  Five miles later and Lucas still had energy to spare.  I, on the other hand, had a rather nice nap this afternoon!

Family Favourite: Lucas riding his bicycle!

Lucas has been doing really well with riding his bicycle of late.  We've been using the 'Scoot-Wheeeee-Balance' method and he seems to have mastered it.  Today, Dave bolted the pedals back on to his bike and on his very first attempt Lucas pedalled a quarter of the way round the park!

Lucas rides a bicycle now.  Bicycles are cool.

Favourite Museum: The M-Shed

The Bristol dinosaur in the M-Shed. Fantastic mural!

We love going to the M-Shed, even more now that it is home to two fabulous Gromits.  It's such a fabulously interactive museum, a great place if you have a kid who claims that museums are boring.  The M-Shed is dedicated to the history of Bristol and bringing it to life through interactive history--objects, interviews, letters--and it is always adding to its collections.

My favourite part of the M-Shed is the Bristol dinosaur mural up on the second floor, beside the National Treasure Gromit.  I've tried for ages to get a decent picture of him and today the light was gorgeous and I got lucky!  I just think he's so clever and wonderfully executed.

Favourite DIY: The Lucky Penny Vase

Penny Vase (c) Vone Inspired

I have always dreamed of covering my bathroom floor in pennies.  I'm sure you've seen pictures on Pinterest of people covering their floors in grout and painstakingly laying out shiny pennies in a perfect pattern... Dave, sadly, isn't so keen.  Something about 'resale value of house' and 'impractical'.  I was too busy pouting to pay attention.

However!  This gorgeous Lucky Penny Vase from Vone Inspired sates my desire for creating beautiful penny art without creating an unhappy husband.  I've got a vase in mind, too, and a spot to put it in...

Favourite Notebook: Handmade Copper Journal

This was a Christmas present from Lucas a few years ago.  He (with Dave's help) picked it up for me at a comic convention in Birmingham.  The artist, Phoenix Copper Art, makes a variety of geeky journals, notebooks, and anything else you can think of that would look funky with copper beautifying it.  There are a variety of pre-made designs or you can commission your own at very reasonable prices.

My journal features Daleks and Spitfires from The Victory of the Daleks on the front and has a very good Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond on the rear cover.  The paper is gorgeously thick and each page has a faint border of Daleks or the Seal of Rassilon.

I don't keep the innermost secrets of time and space in my journal, but I do use it for blog post ideas!



  1. Replies
    1. It really is, and because it's all modern and interactive you can always hear kids laughing and having fun as they learn. Which is just lovely. (I still love traditional museums but they're much stuffier and have that library feel about them.)

  2. That Doctor Who journal is incredible! Would love something like that!

    Jess /Gingerly Pale

    1. It really is gorgeous, and luckily a few dents and scrapes seem to enhance its appearance! I forgot to mention that the company will refill it with a fresh set of blank pages for you. I like that you don't just throw it away.


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