Saturday 15 February 2014

Square Eyes, or films I've watched lately

We've watched quite a few films this week--I blame the crappy weather--so I thought it might be fun to do some quick reviews.  I doubt that I'll be challenging the brilliant Kermode & Mayo as film critics and reviewers any time soon, but I enjoyed watching these films so I thought I'd tell you a little about them!

At the cinema: The LEGO Movie

I went along to The LEGO Movie thinking that it would be mainly a film for Lucas, but I ended up having a really, really good time.  The highlight of the film, for me, was LEGO Batman who was awesome.

BATMAN: I only work in black.  And sometimes, very, very dark gray.
I thought the LEGO DC characters came off really well in the film--loved the Superman/Green Lantern interactions--and we've been wandering around all week singing "Everything is awesome"!

There's a surprise twist about 2/3 of the way through which I swear I've seen before which serves to make the entire movie more awesome.  Go and see it, especially if you have kids!  (You should probably take them, too.)

Rented: Despicable Me 2

I'm not sure why I didn't go and see this at the cinema with the boys, but this was another hilarious outing with Gru and the Minions.  Not quite as poignant as the first film, but still thoroughly enjoyable with loads of great laughs.  I'm quite excited about the forthcoming Minions movie which promises to be utterly hilarious.  (It will no doubt spawn even more amazing minion cakes!  That's a good thing, by the way!)

A long, long time ago: The Last Boy Scout

You can tell this one is from ages ago...aside from the atrocious dress-sense on display, Bruce Willis has hair.  It also briefly features a very young Halle Berry as a stripper, sorry, exotic dancer.

The plot revolves around a conspiracy, which Bruce Willis--as a disgraced (but for doing the honourable thing) former Secret Service Agent--is trying to untangle with the help of dead!Halle's boyfriend whose name I never bothered to learn.  It's an 18, which gives it serious novelty value these days, so expect lots of explosions, swearing, and violence.  Oh yes, guns.  Many, many guns.  There's even smoking...indoors!

It's not my favourite Bruce Willis film by any stretch of the imagination, but it was amusing for a couple of hours!

* * *

On the subject of films, have you seen the amazing Disney Dream Portrait Series by Annie Leibovitz?

Scarlett Johanssen as Cinderella
Annie Leibovitz has cleverly photographed celebrities as Disney princesses and characters.  Scarlett Johanssen is perfect as Cinderella and I adore Rachel Weisz as Snow White.  Check the series out here!

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  1. I've been hearing mixed reviews about the Lego movie. I want to see it more than my daughter! It looks so good!

    1. Yeah, I can see why it would get mixed reviews, but we all loved it!

  2. I really want to see the Lego movie, it looks so good! xx

    1. The best thing is that they haven't given away all of the best bits of the film in the trailer! There is more to come :)

  3. I love the Despicable Me movies, my Brother got me them both for Christmas, I hadn't seen them before that but could watch them both over and over. Can't wait for the third one to come out! Mr M has downloaded a Minion game for me on the iPad and it's great but I've only actually played once as he's addicted to it! x

    1. Ah yes, Minion Run? Lucas and his cousins love that :)

    2. Yes, it's brilliant! Every game is a little different to the last. I'm now beating Mr M's scores all the time, he's not happy haha x

  4. All good movies, or so I've heard. I need to check out Despicable Me! #SITSBlogging

  5. The girls and I love the Despicable Me films but the other half just doesn't get them. Silly man! I can't wait to see the Lego Movie, it just looks so awesomes! I think more adults may enjoy it more than the kids. The Disney pictures are just beautiful, I would love to have one up in my new house. Eric Baldwin makes a pretty bad ass mirror, I quite like the Sleeping Beauty one x

  6. Oh I really want to see The LEGO Movie! Thank you for reminding me. :D Each time I've seen the trailer in cinemas I've been laughing my socks off; the Batman quote you pulled out is just great. I'm so crap when it comes to going to the cinema. The Disney Dream Portrait series is great. Think I saw something about this around the interwebs this week. Queen Latifah as Ursula is fab. I'm not too sure about Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland but OK. Great photos, thanks for sharing.

    Jen |

  7. Heard good things about the LEGO movie! And I don't mind a bit of the Willis (but you're right, not his finest work!) But forget the movies, how fantastic are those photos??? Russell Brand as Hook was my favourite...til I got to Alec Baldwin!! So great, thanks for sharing!
    M x Life Outside London

  8. My kids want to see both of these movies! Went to the Red Box and they were out of Despicable Me 2!


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