Tuesday 14 January 2014

Today I am elsewhere...

Via Pinterest
Today I am tremendously excited to say that I am guest blogging over at MissMelvis's fantastic blog, Me, Bookshelf & I with a book review of a recent read!  I'd love it if you popped over to have a read.

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  1. Loving this picture ... the story of my life! haha ... thank you so much for your guest post/review today & you are welcome back any time! x

    1. That's what my bedside table would look like if half my to-read pile wasn't on kindle! It is also a true depiction of our comics to-read pile in the study. (Minus the owl.) Really pleased you liked the review--I had fun doing it, and I'd love to come back again someday xx

  2. I wasn't sure whether to comment here or over there so thought I'd do both.

    I read The Earth Hums in B Flat a few years ago and rather enjoyed it. Maybe I am a little embarrassed to say I didn’t really understand the symbolise of her being able to fly but perhaps there’s not really that much to it? Either way, it was a very nice read.


    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Jen! Both here and there :)

      I think the flying is symbolic of her subconscious need to escape, even though she outwardly accepts her Mam's treatment of her. There was a point where the flying did seem real, though, so who knows!


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