Thursday 23 January 2014

An attitude of gratitude


So, I was watching Ultimate Spider-Man and Spidey had a bit of an epiphany and said something quite profound that hit me like a punch to the gut.  (Yeah, I still watch's a very cool one.  Sure, Spidey's Fourth Wall asides are more akin to Deadpool than him, but it's still a super-cool show.  You've probably noticed that I'm a geek, right?)  Anyway, he said..."It's all about having an attitude of gratitude."

After the day I've had, I'll take my moments of enlightenment wherever I can find them.

My day started with my car not starting, having to jog--well, I walked most of it--Lucas to school, nearly breaking my fingers when I tried to look under the bonnet to see if there was anything obviously wrong with the car (that even an idiot could spot), and then sitting around waiting for Green Flag to come and fix the car.  I performed the Ancient Ritual of Summoning by making a cup of coffee and sitting down on the sofa to drink it in peace, and then promptly scalded my tongue on it.  And then I waited, and waited.

As it turned out, the car started a few hours later when I decided to go out and wait in it--hovering by the front door was getting old--so I trundled it down to the garage who can't look at it until tomorrow.  I've got to drop it off first thing, then spend the rest of the day on shank's pony. The weather forecast is for heavy rain all day tomorrow, there's a weather warning and everything.  Oh what fun!

It's fair to say that I've spent the whole day in an absolutely filthy mood interspersed with moments of extreme anxiety that the car would go back to being dead as a dodo.  I've dived out of the house on several occasions to check that the engine is still turning over.  Which reminds me... BRB.

So, back to that profound attitude of gratitude.  It got me thinking that even though it's been a craptastic day, there's still a lot to be grateful for...It's turned into quite a list:

♥ I managed to walk Lucas to school in a decent amount of time.  A couple of years ago I couldn't walk to the end of the road without major pain in my leg apres a DVT, so that's a biggie right there.
♥ That I have a breakdown service to rescue me
♥  I have the bestest brother-in-law who gives me great car advice.  Thanks, Tony!
♥  Lucas offered to give me all his money so that I could buy a new car.  He is the loveliest little boy ever, full of compassion.  He melts my heart on a regular basis
♥  My Fitbit Flex has started working again after months of not working properly
♥  All the extra walking has meant that I've clocked up loads more steps.  I'm at 7221 steps currently, and there's still time for another thousand or so!
♥ Lovely bloggy friends who cheer me up when I'm sad
♥ Speaking of blog things, I'm flabberghasted that I have 61 Blovlovin' followers.  Helloooooo everyone!  Thanks for following my adventures!
♥ And yet more on the subject of bloggy friends, Jenny wrote some absolutely lovely things about Little Apple Tree which made me smile loads.  Thanks, Jenny!
I'm also grateful for an extra two hours of peace and quiet while Lucas is at a birthday party.  I love 'dump and run' parties so much!
♥ I am grateful in advance for the huge hug I will get when I pick Lucas up
♥ I'm also grateful for having a lovely warm house to come home to
♥ I'm very grateful for my family who are organising a birthday meal for me.
♥ Lastly, but most importantly, I'm more grateful than I could ever say for having the world's most awesome husband!

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Beautiful post with a geektastic opening!
    So so glad that you found the space to sit and ponder the good stuff amidst your hideous day.
    Tomorrow will be better AND you'll still have all the awesome bits from today. Win.
    M x

    1. Heh. The geek is strong within me.

      There's almost always good stuff if you look for it; I just get utterly immersed in a swap of woe that I overlook it. I have cemented my improved mood by watching favourite action movie of all time :)

      Thanks, Michelle! xx

  2. What a lovely post, I love all the silver linings you've found today and Lucas offering to buy a new car- what a sweetheart! Hope it all gets sorted soon! xx

    1. Lucas is an absolute darling (except when he's being a pain in the neck)! He often wants to spend his pocket money buying us stuff...I try to gently steer him towards Mothering Sunday :P

      Hope your car gets sorted soon, too, Annatha!! xx

  3. Oh gosh, what a day!!! I wouldn't have bothered looking under the bonnet though, I can barely tell where my water goes. Haha!

    I'm glad you managed to find something to put you in a better mood.

    Corinne x

    1. I hate being a damsel in distress!! If there was something glaringly obvious then I'd have had a bash myself. I am so not looking forward to walking everywhere tomorrow in the rain (please let the weather forecast be wrong!!)

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Corinne. I'll pop by your blog in the morning--just noticed the time, eek!

  4. "Dump and run" parties?? When can I do that? I've found that most parties thus far have not welcomed that. The last one was at a bowling alley. I was tempted.
    And I still watch cartoons! "Batman", in fact. So. Good. It's a certain series: "Batman, the Animated Series." Marc Hamill is the voice of the Joker and he's incredible.

    1. We love BtAS in this house! The Superman version from the same sort of time was good, too, but I'll always prefer Bats! I may have a thing for dark and broody men, come to think about it...

      Dump and run parties...I've been leaving Lucas at parties for the last couple of years. There's only been one that I can think of where no one left, and that was with Indian hosts and they laid on so much adult food that we felt we couldn't leave. Was certainly very crowded, but the Malibu chocolate truffles were much appreciated :)

  5. That was a lovely post. Sometimes it's hard to step away from the shitty situation and take stock of all the good things - but you managed it here. Your son sounds like a sweetheart. We're still working on empathy in our house. I see sparks of it, but it's a slow process.

    1. Mmm...empathy is a tricky one. Sometimes Lucas has too much of it and winds up in tears over the most ridiculous of things.

  6. This was a lovely post to read! :D And we could probably all have more of an attitude of gratitude. I know i could!

    Jen |

    1. Oh and when I say 'lovely' I mean the list. All the poo-ey things that happened were less lovely! I hope you've had a better week.

    2. Thanks, Jen! The car was fixed the next day, although now it seems to have a slipping and screeching belt. The joys of car ownership!!


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