Friday 27 December 2013

Christmas Day, 2013

Merry Christmas
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I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas!  Lucas gifted Dave and I with a wonderful lie-in!  He tip-toed into our bedroom at a blissful 8am.  (Apparently he woke up at 5am, opened his stocking, and then fell asleep again while he was playing with his toys.  Bless!)

Scrambled eggs a la Heston served on toasted brioche with smoked salmon
After a lush breakfast cooked by Dave--with some help from commis chef Lucas--we opened the rest of our presents.  The look on Lucas's face when he opened the Pacific Rim toys that a friend of ours brought over from the States was amazing.  I've never seen him speechless before, and he actually looked like he was going to cry with sheer joy.  He's been having pitched Jaeger versus Kaiju battles ever since, and he's so happy it's unreal.  I'm getting good at tuning out the noise.

Dave and Lucas spoiled me with some Doctor Who goodies, including the seriously huge and amazing Doctor Who Vault book with loads of behind the scenes nuggets of information.  It's so much fun to dip into--I'm going to bursting with obscure trivia!

As is traditional, we went over to Dave's parents house for Christmas lunch and more presents..  We let the kids open their presents before lunch, which is a fantastic way of distracting them from rumbling tummies.
Dave's Mum and Dad love cooking for all the family, and this year there were eleven of us around the table!  The table groaned under the weight of turkey, beef, roasted potatoes and every conceivable trimming and sauce!  It groaned again later on when the dessert buffet was laid out!!  (Wish I'd taken a photo of that, but I was too busy making a beeline for the Black Forest Gateaux!)

Unsurprisingly, we spent the rest of the afternoon in a bit of a food coma and slowly worked our way through the adults Christmas presents.  I think everyone was pleased with their presents from us, and I am certainly very happy with the brilliant combination of Doctor Who DVDs and baking books that I received!  You know this is going to culminate in a TARDIS cake, right?

Later on, once Lucas had succumbed to the heady combination of too much excitement and too much sugar, we sat on the sofa and chatted the night away whilst nibbling on mince pies and stollen.

A fantastic Christmas!

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  1. Finally some of my readers asked me what the deal was with the blue police boxes all over my house. How could they not know?! We got some nice Dalek and Tardis ornaments for the trees, as well as a Tardis blanket. I bought my husband a Tardis shower curtain but instead of giving it to him gift-wrapped, I'm waiting until he goes out tomorrow and I'm going to put it up in the bathroom. Then I'll be waiting impatiently for him to need to use the bathroom!

    1. Doctor Who has only recently made inroads into America, though, so I can totally understand the TARDIS not being ingrained into pop-culture there. Love the TARDIS shower curtain idea!

  2. Aah Lucas is such a sweetie.
    Looks like you had a marvellous Christmas Day.
    You know we're going to need to see that Tardis cake right...?
    M x

    1. If I get round to the TARDIS cake then I'll definitely share it with y'all! I am supposed to be dieting in January though, as I've been reminded. Boo.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day! All the food looked amazing :D x

  4. Ohh it sounds like you all had the most wonderful day. Lucas sounds like such a sweetheart, you must be so proud! I definitely didn't manage to contain my excitement as well when I was younger, I was a grab my stocking and head to my parents room immediately, even if it was 5am kind of child hehe!

    Jennie xo |

    1. Lucas is pretty damn awesome, but I'm a bit biasedd!

  5. Looks like a throughly lovely Christmas! Can't wait to see the TARDIS cake - it will be amazing I'm sure, just like all your cakes! xx


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