Monday 30 December 2013

A stroll around Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire
The sun always seems to shine when we go to Lacock Abbey.  It blazed in October, when I took Lucas to the spooky Halloween goings on at the Abbey, and today the weather was cold, crisp and sunny as we all wandered through the grounds.

We didn't go to Lacock for the culture, or for some exercise--although we got both in spades--we went in search of a picturesque location to give our new cameras a workout!  Dave and I both used our Christmas money to buy new cameras.  A sexy little Lumix for me, and a new Canon for him.

Panasonic Lumix GF6, my lovely new camera
My Christmas camera (and new love)
After several months of almost exclusively using my iPhone for blog photos and feeling frustrated that I couldn't achieve the shots that I wanted to, I decided that I wanted my own camera.  I had the use of Dave's old Canon, but really struggled with the viewfinder, so a camera with a nice big LCD screen seemed like the best option.  I'd had my eye on the Lumix GF5 for ages, and had watched the price tumble nicely, but after Christmas Dave suggested that I get the newest model instead.  Hurrah!  It arrived on Saturday morning and it's been a whirlwind love affair ever since.

So, Lacock Abbey...
Lucas running around at Lacock Abbey
Lucas was really excited to return to Lacock
Lacock Abbey dates back to the 13th century, when it was a nunnery of the Augustine order.  After Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries in the 16th century--I've been avidly watching Tudor Monastery Farm--the Abbey and its grounds were sold to a wealthy landowner.  Various alterations were made over the years, and eventually the property passed to the Fox Talbot family who gifted it and Lacock village to the National Trust.
Clock tower and archway at Lacock Abbey
Beautiful clock tower and gateway at Lacock Abbey
Beautiful leaded windows

Dog waiting at the foot of a stone staircase
Waiting patiently
The cloisters and courtyard at Lacock
Harry Potter fans might recognise some parts of the Abbey and village as filming locations for the films.  The Abbey cloisters doubled for Snape and Quirrell's classrooms in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and were also used in the second film, too.  The Mirror of Erised scene was also filmed there.
The cauldron in the Warming Room at Lacock Abbey
Harry Potter filming at Lacock
The huge black cauldron in the Warming Room is quite a surprise if you've never been to Lacock before.  It reminded me of Lloyd Alexanders's "The Black Cauldron", but luckily this cauldron was a gift to the nuns in the 15th century rather than a magical one capable of creating a zombie army!
A close-up of a sundial
It's pretty difficult to take a bad photo at Lacock, there's something about it which makes the light perfect and there's no shortage of extraordinarily beautiful things to photograph.  That said, I really love this close-up that I took of the sundial.
Vadering (apparently this is a thing)
Windows at Lacock Abbey
The oriel window (L) where Fox Talbot created the first photographic negative
An interesting plant
Not sure what this plant is--possibly a triffid?
Pretty little details around Lacock Abbey
As we were leaving the Abbey, we popped into the Fox Talbot Museum and had a quick look around.
The Fox Talbot Museum

Wood-beamed cottage in Lacock village
A knitted nativity and a wreath-adorned door
I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the cottages in Lacock village.  Almost every door was adorned with a wreath and the shops all had beautiful displays in their windows.  Lucas spotted this fabulous knitted nativity--knitivity?--in the window of a house on the High Street that positively demanded my attention!

I'm really pleased with the pictures I managed to take, and we had a lovely afternoon at Lacock.  I'm looking forward to going back and seeing the gardens in Spring and maybe taking a picnic in Summer...

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  1. Beautiful photos, I hope you're enjoying the new camera! Looks like a beautiful place to visit xx

    1. Thank-you! I am loving the new camera...I just wish it would stop raining so that I can roam around outdoors with it!

  2. I love Vadering! And I love this place! I am a huge Harry Potter fan, on top of the Doctor Who. Not surprising, right?
    Love new cameras too.

    1. Funnily enough, I'm not surprised that you're a Harry Potter fan, too! The Potter's house, from the flashback in the Philospher's Stone is in the village, too.

  3. What a beautiful looking place, I must visit it one day! Maybe I can take my new camera that I gifted myself at Christmas for a little spin! I hadn't heard of Vadering, but that picture is equally adorable and hilarious! x

    1. You have a Christmas camera, too? Awesome! Lacock is a gorgeous place, I thoroughly recommend it. Also, unlike a lot of NT properties it's nice and flat so particularly good for a lazy stroll ;)

  4. Looks lovely! :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you'll definitely be having a lot of fun with your new camera :-)
    I haven't been to Lacock for years, I think the last time I went was on a school trip back in 1992 - I seem to vaguely remember doing some project on Fox Talbot and photography. I will have to go back and visit one day (and take in Whitehall Garden Centre at the same time) :-) xx

  6. Lovely photos; it looks as though your new camera is going took be money well spent! Tudor architecture is so lovely - definitely amongst my favourites!

    I love the Vadering photo!

    Janey x

  7. Aww looks like you had a great time! I am currently deciding on a compact system camera after having a digital SLR for some time and the Lumix GF6 seems like a winner and the pictures you've taken look great.


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