Tuesday 5 November 2013

Warmley Waiting Room

Warmley Waiting Room
Warmley Waiting Room Cafe
Remember when autumn was full of beautiful days, with crisp, golden leaves crunching underfoot?  Glorious, wasn't it?

It's such a shame that the British weather has taken a decided turn for the worse, with the recent storms dumping a ridiculous amount of rain on our heads; I was quite looking forward to a picturesque autumn for once.  Still, the weather was fantastic a few weeks ago when Dave, Lucas and I went for a walk down the Bristol-Bath cycle path with a stop off at the newly-renovated Warmly Waiting Room cafe afterwards.

It took about four years of Bristol-life before it dawned on me that the Bristol-Bath cycle path ran along the old railway line between Bristol and Bath.  And it was only recently that Dave mentioned that there were still old railway stations dotted along the line.

We started our walk at Warmley, where the old signal box was recently renovated.  It looked rather spiffing in the sunshine; I could imagine Miss Marple passing through little countryside stations like Warmley on her way to London.
The newly renovated Warmley Signal Box
Warmley Signal Box
The old platform was crowded with cyclists taking a break with a cuppa and slices of cake galore.  We dragged Lucas past, promising him cake when we got back to Warmley--"Of course we'll have cake!  Maybe even a cream tea!"--and set off along the cycle path.

Not sure what these berries are, but gorse bushes are unmistakable!
As we wandered along, we stumbled across a few pieces of artwork.  I loved the little robot, who had so much personality and such a cheerful wave to all the passersby!
The cycle path is the place to go if you fancy blackberrying.  We saw several people braving the thorns to fill Tupperware and wicker baskets from the bushes which were positively dripping with plump berries.  It's a shame that blackberries aren't my thing--I just can't get past the humungous pips--otherwise I might have sacrificed my handbag and gone hog wild in the bushes!
Hedgerow delights
Before long we arrived at Old Mangotsfield Station and walked up onto the platform which was lined with trees, planted where the old columns stood when the station was in use.
Old Mangotsfield Station
There were loads of gorgeously crispy leaves around and Lucas couldn't resist tossing them around.  (I need a much faster camera to capture shots like these properly!)

We wandered around inside the ruined station for a little while--you could play an epic game of hide and seek in there!  There are trees growing everywhere inside the walls, some deliberately planted, others by Mother Nature.  It seemed to be a popular picnic spot, too.
Talking of hide and seek...spot the Lucas...
Sadly, by the time we'd walked all the way to Old Mangotsfield Station and back, the Waiting Room was totally sold out of cream teas and cakes.  Quelle horreur!  We wound up going to Sainsbury's and having a DIY cream tea to stave off Lucas's tears, but resolved to go back as soon as possible for the cake-y treat we'd intended to have!

A week later and we were back at Warmley Waiting Room having cake for breakfast.  Well, second breakfast in Lucas's case...I suspect he's part hobbit.
Coffee cake--lush!
Dave and I both had a slice of the coffee cake (epic) and Lucas had about half of his chocolate cake before saying that it was "too chocolatey", so I helpfully polished it off for him.  For the record, it was gorgeous!

We've been back a couple of times and I'm sure it will be one of our favourite places for coffee over the summer months.  I can't wait to see what iced coffee confections they come up with!

Warmley Waiting Room
Old Warmley Station
BS30 5JB

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  1. Des eats a second breakfast too! I am all for it. I'm also all for cake for breakfast. Glad you got in this beautiful day. Our weather is gorgeous today, for some reason. A nice day to go get cake. I'm going somewhere considerably less charming, though. Starbucks. I have a gift card so that helps!

    1. I do have a soft spot for Starbucks. It's still a massive treat going there!

  2. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog!
    You photography looks beautiful, especially the ones of nature. :)

    New follower on Bloglovin

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx

    1. Thanks for following me, Olivia! I'm glad you like my photos, too :)

  3. We've been quite lucky and had a good few bright and crispy autumn mornings so far, as well as our fair share of rain! I even experience some underfoot leaf crunching last week. We are many miles apart though so definitely don't share the same weather forecast x

    1. The weather can be completely different two miles down the road from us. There seem to be lots of little micro-climates around these days.which make the weather feel truly bizarre. Still, we did have a few days of picture-perfect Autumn to enjoy!

  4. It really was! Apparently it's their best seller, and I can totally see why.

  5. Andrew would love this, well so would I but for different reasons! He'd love the history and railway nostalgia and I'd love the tea and cake! We'll put it on our list of places to visit in the spring :-) x

    1. You'd both definitely love it, Louisa! I'll be taking myself off there for a solo coffee every so often when Lucas is at school as a treat to myself :)

  6. It's a fantastic place to visit. We live round the corner to the Waiting Rooms and we're always popping in for a coffee! They have mad things there that keep popping up, like bottles of beer cemented in the wall, a friendship flower border and a TARDIS! As well as their delicious cake of course..

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jo! We're regularly at the Waiting Room, too, and I'm quite amused by them turning the TARDIS into a loo. The Who-Loo!


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