Sunday 10 November 2013


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When you have kids they give you some wonderful things.  Other times, their gifts are rather less welcome... Lucas passed on his mild cold to me at the end of half-term and over the last week it has mutated into the cold to end all colds.  And now...Dave has it too.  We've both been welded to our own boxes of tissues--these monogrammed ones would at least make our new tissue-carrying habit pretty--and boxes of Lemsip.

If you're full of a cold just now, you totally have my sympathies; here are some ideas to help ease the pain.  (Alas, there's no way to cure a just have to roll with it until it goes away.)

♥ Drink lots of fluids
♥ Lemons, oranges, limes, any citrus you like.  Just get plenty of vitamin C into you!  Try starting off the day with lemon in warm water (which is a general good thing to do for your body anyway)
♥ If you have a sore throat, try eating a spoonful of honey to sooth it
♥ If you lose your appetite, soup is always a winner
♥Steam inhalation helps, or if you can't bear holding your head over a hot bowl, a long hot bath works, too!
♥Sleep.  Get into bed early so that your body can fight off the virus overnight.
♥Vaseline. Not just for cracked lips, but slick a little dab around your nostrils--mmm, sexy--to prevent sporting a Rudolph look
♥ Ultra-soft tissues.  They make a big difference, and've got a cold. Why not be nice to yourself?

Naturally the NHS has a few things to say about colds and flu.  And if you've ever wondered why scientists can't cure the common cold, or if alternative medicine can get rid of a cold faster, then the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University is a font of knowledge.

I'll leave you with a video of cute sneezing animals, who are far more adorable than I am right now!  I'd love to tell you all about the amazing day I had yesterday at Cake International but I am busy sniffling and sneezing, so that'll have to wait for another time!

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  1. Your Vaseline tip made me chuckle! I shall definitely remember that one next time I've caught a cold.
    Really do hope you feel better soon and tonnes of love Iand chicken soup) in the meantime,
    C xx

    1. It's saving me from looking as bad as I feel. Vaseline is v.underrated stuff! Thanks, Celia xx

  2. Oh no! There definitely seems to be some bugs going round, we've got several people off work at the moment. Take care and hope you're all feeling better soon xx

    1. I think I'm doomed to get lots of colds this Winter between helping out at school more--kids are all just walking germ factories--and being more social. More vitamins and minerals for me! Thanks xx

  3. Oh yes. Des gave me a cold. Well I think it started with my husband. All I know is that two weeks ago tomorrow, it first entered the home somehow. It passed through all four of us, to very varying degrees. The baby and I got it worst. I'm happy to say we're about done with it. Hope we didn't give it to anyone else!

    1. It's horrid when you're all sniffling and blowing noses at the same time, isn't it? Dave and I need to work on getting synchronised as the constant sniffage is maddening :)

  4. YES! To Vaseline around the nose!! But nooooo to an icky stinking cold!
    Feel better soon
    M x

    1. You do make me smile :) Thanks, Michelle xx


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