Friday 1 November 2013

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday, everyone!

I've had a brilliant half-term week with Lucas; today we went shopping in the morning where he put up with me looking at girly things and in return I bought him panda-shaped biscuits (filled with white chocolate!) in Harvey Nichols' pop-up food market.   (A heavenly place!)  This afternoon he went to a spooky Halloween disco at a friend's house where he danced his little heart out before zooming straight off with Daddy to watch the local fireworks display.  He's certainly starting November with a bang!

Here are the first of my Friday Favourites for November...enjoy!

Favourite app: iWhovian

Dave made the mistake of introducing me to this app on Monday night.  I thought he was asking me rather a lot of Whovian questions!

If you're a fan, this app is rather addictive and has a wide range of multiple-choice questions from the ridiculously easy--"Which Queen did the Doctor meet in Tooth and Claw?"--to the rather obscure--"What platform did Mickey arrive on in Boom Town?".

Favourite Trailer: The LEGO Movie

I freely admit that I am rubbish at keeping up with upcoming movie releases.  Luckily Dave gives me a nudge every time that a trailer comes out that he thinks I'd like.  The LEGO movie looks awesome.  It has a generous amount of comedy (for Lucas) and sufficient snark to keep me interested.  Given Dave and Lucas's love of building LEGO I expect to find myself watching this at the cinema in the first week of release.

Favourite WOW Moment: The Ohio State University Marching Band

I'm probably the last person ever to discover this video, but if you're looking at the screen with a bewildered look upon your face, then you absolutely must watch this!  Go on!

I am beyond amazed at the precision involved in this.  I'm not sure I could march in a straight line while playing an instrument let alone remember where I am supposed to be during several different songs.  It must have taken months of rehearsals to perfect this.

My favourite part was Harry catching the Golden Snitch!  Lucas, unsurprisingly, liked the T-Rex eating the man :)

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  1. iWhovian! Oh geez. I loved the marching band video. I had it bookmarked for a whole busy day before I could sit and watch it fully. Tell me more about panda shaped biscuits filled with white chocolate?!

    1. The panda shaped biscuits are a bit disappointing. They don't look much like the picture on the box... It's just a ball, vaguely shaped like a panda head (if you squint) with edible images of pandas doing cute cartoonish things. The filling tastes okay, though! (Naturally Lucas adores them.)


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