Friday 11 October 2013

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday, everyone!  It's an inset day here, so not only do I have the pleasure of Lucas's company all day, I got a lie in too!  I just need to train him in the ancient art of the Dolce Gusto machine and I'd have the perfect morning...

Favourite geeky find:

It has to be this trailer for The Enemy of the World, a long-lost Doctor Who serial which has just been discovered in Nigeria.  Until now only one episode of the serial was thought to have survived--available on the Lost In Time boxset--and all of a sudden we now have the entire story!  Also found is most of the episodes of The Web of Fear, one of my favourite stories.  I loved reading the Target novelisation when I was a kid!

You can buy the episodes from iTunes, but I think I'll hold off and wait for the DVDs to come on sale.

Favourite picture:
Surf's up!
What's a Friday without a cute animal (or bird) picture?  I saw this picture on innocent drinks Facebook page and it brightened up my morning and set off a fit of the giggles.  This is truly the world's coolest duck!  Plus, I thought Duck In A Dress would love it :)

Favourite Infographic:

Do you remember all the furore about Delia Smith's How to Cook TV series & book a few years ago?  People were shocked that she felt the nation needed to be instructed in how to boil an egg... Clearly Delia missed a trick by failing to instruct us all on how to cut toast properly, but this fantastic infographic (in which I detect a whiff of irony) should sort you out if you ever had any doubts!

Favourite blogger bling: Twitter Avatar Necklaces

© Knitty Mummy
Did I mention that I'm going to Blogtacular in May?  I've been thinking of getting some blog business cards made up after hearing about bloggers exchanging them at little (and large) meet-ups.  (Moo cards come highly recommended it seems.)  Now there's Knitty Mummy's very clever invention of Twitter avatar necklaces to help bloggers who regularly chat on Twitter to recognise each other without any awkward moments of mistaken identity!

If my Twitter account is ever restored then I'll certainly be ordering one!

We're off to London later for a weekend of drunken debauchery.  Oh wait, we have Lucas in tow... Family fun, it is, then!  (I might sneak in a cocktail or two...)  Have a good weekend, y'all.

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  1. The Doctor Who Nigerian thing is nuts! I'm waiting for DVD too. I just knew if I came here today, you'd post about it. And I wasn't disappointed!

    1. You know me so well, Tamara! I think I'm going to pre-order the DVDs so that I can get the shiny gold cases. I like a bit of bling on occasion!

  2. Aww, you're right, surfing duck looks well cool! :-) x


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