Monday 28 October 2013

Autumn at Tyntesfield

Pumpkins and gourds galore in the Orangery at Tyntesfield
Pumpkins and gourds on display in the Orangery
Last Sunday Lucas and Dave left me snoozing in bed--it was an awesome lie-in, thanks for asking--and went to Tyntesfield for a walk on what was a lovely, crisp Autumn morning.

It was National Wool Week while the boys were at Tyntesfield and the Warmley Weavers were in residence at the Orangery in the grounds to give demonstrations.  It's a shame I missed them; I haven't done weaving since I was in high school, but on the other hand I probably don't need another hobby...

Did you know that Tyntesfield is quite famous for fungi?  Dave phoned me with tales of mushrooms and toadstools on the lawns, and it turns out that they have over 800 species of fungi there.

They returned, cheeks a-glow, with photos and a lovely bouquet of spinach with chilli peppers masquerading as flowers for me!

There are lots of autumn and Halloween themed events on at Tyntesfield over the October half-term holiday.  Lucas and I might pop along to do the Spooky Halloween Trail, since we've never been into the house before.  If you haven't visited Tyntesfield before, now is a great time!

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  1. Wow, I love the photo of all those autumn veggies! Looks like they had a fun day xx

    1. Those were all from the kitchen garden at Tyntesfield! I am in love with the white pumpkins. You can buy their veggies, too.

  2. The photo of upside down Lucas is fabulous!!! Same with the other photos - they take me into these places you go. Oh if only we could do a town/home swap! Just for a week.

    1. Oh, thank-you so much Tamara! Maybe we could do a virtual house swap on our blogs, one day :) (Although, give me a few months to declutter and style it first!!)

  3. Lovely autumnal pictures! And I agree, the one of Lucas upside down is fab :-) xx

    1. Lucas seems to look good from every angle :)


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