Monday 9 June 2014

Spreading Some Blog Love

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It's Monday, and it's a bit dreary outside, so I thought I'd try and spread a few rays of sunshine with some blog love...

Cooking, Cocktails and Captain America: Tales of a Tiny Kitchen and Other Capital Misadventures

Cocktails at the Discount Suit Company
My lovely friend Kate has finally given in to my nagging about starting a blog. (Yay peer pressure!)  She always does wonderfully glam things up in London Town, and I always want more than just Instagram snaps or fleeting mentions of being in the same room as Clark Gregg or Chris Hemsworth!  Details, details!!  She's also a bit of a whiz in the kitchen these days, turning out some amazing Chinese dishes and there's always something inventive in her lunchbox!


Whimsical Mrs W

I met Kim at the South West Blog Social on Saturday and she's just lovely!  I'm not generally one for beauty blogs--I'm the sort of girl that remembers about lipstick after the party has started--but I am looking forward to her posting about all the lotions and potions we got from Yves Rocher in our goodie bags so that I know what to do with them!  (I'm pretty clear on the shower gel though, just sayin'.)  Kim also mixes in some lovely lifestyle posts which is what will keep me coming back again and again.


Medicated Follower of Fashion

I met Alex on the train to Exeter for the South West Blog Social when she dropped her business cards and I took a stab in the dark and asked if she was going, too.  Happily she was!  Alex blogs about fashion, parenting, and lifestyle.  All good stuff!


Escape to the Westcountry

When I met Sarah I embarrassed the heck out of myself by squealing like a teenager at a One Direction concert when she said that she had horses!  HORSES!  I grew up reading so many horsey books and desperately wanted to join the Pony Club.  Alas, even though we lived in a rural area, I was a townie and you couldn't even put a Shetland pony in my back garden.  I know that I'm going to love reading all about her horses, gorgeous dogs, and even the cats (I'm so a dog person), not to mention the sheep!

Devon is such a gorgeous part of the country and I already get lashings of seaside fun from Michelle, so it's lovely to get the lush, leafy and horsey perspective, too!


* * *

So, there you have it: four new (or new to me) blogs.  And would you look at that?!  The sun's come out now...I guess it approves of my choices.  Go and show them some sunny love, too!

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  1. Gorgeous blogs all written by beautiful ladies. Good choices (and thanks for enticing the sunshine back out!)
    M x

  2. duck in a dress12 June 2014 at 12:38

    I'll second Michelle's comment! :-) xx

  3. Aww, thank you for mentioning me! I'm so sorry I've taken an age to reply. Hope you are well :-) x


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