Wednesday 25 June 2014

Grillstock Smokehouse

Grillstock: meat, music and mayhem
I think we may be the last people in Bristol to discover Grillstock.  Given our love of BBQ done right, I'm at a loss to understand why.  I'm even further bemused that with all the time we spend shopping at Forbidden Planet, we've managed to completely miss that there's a Grillstock right across the road.

Luckily we've put this right now...

With so many amazing smells coming from the kitchen, choosing from the menu was really hard.  Lucas was sad that there were no hot dogs left, but gamely gave pulled pork a go.  He liked it, but said it wasn't as good as the one I make.  The boy is cute, but crazy.  Grillstock's pulled pork is out of this world!!  The huge ice-cream float--his very first, at the grand old age of seven--kept him very happy, while we chowed down.

Dave and I both opted for the Smokestack Burger which was huge, and came out medium-rare and absolutely dripping with gloriously melty cheese with seasoned fries and slaw on the side.  Oh my god, this was so good!  The burger itself had bags of flavour and was beautifully juicy; that alone would have been a damn good lunch, but the generous pile of pulled pork in BBQ sauce that was piled on top (and sadly hidden by a tilted bun in the photo) took it to new and delicious heights.  I've had a lot of pulled pork over the years and this is by far the best I've ever tasted.  I'm going to go back for a pulled pork platter sometime very soon...

To go along with our burgers we got a cup of Burnt Ends to share.  These are the little scrappy bits of brisket that break off when you cut it, put back into the smoker until they get amazingly dark, caramelised, and just plain gorgeous.  Each bite was surprisingly spicy in the best possible way!

I'd go back to Grillstock again in a heartbeat. It was a really fun atmosphere and I can imagine how raucous (and even more fun) it would be at night, with cocktails and beer flowing.  Now to find a babysitter...

Grillstock Smokehouse, Clifton
 41 Triangle West, Clifton, Bristol

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  1. Oh my gosh this sounds amazing! My mouth is watering :'( I want a burger!


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