Friday 30 May 2014

The Godzilla Household

Half-term has been a noisy affair in our household.  Dave and Lucas went to see the new Godzilla film and since then, all I can hear is Godzilla-esque "Skreeonk!" noises and epic kaiju (monster) battles.

Lucas's fascination with Godzilla started a few years ago after watching an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars with the capture of the Zillo Beast.  Dave mentioned off-handedly that it was based on Godzilla, Lucas wanted to know what that was, and ever since I've found myself immersed in Godzilla and kaiju.

Now, he's not just got a passing interest in it....he's a proper fan.  He can tell you when a movie was filmed and why they used certain monsters and not others, and all sorts of arcane bits of information.  Friends in America feed his habit by sending across occasional issues of the G-Fan magazine which he treasures.  (I love how obsessed kids can get with things.  My brother was the same when he was a kid--obsessed with tartans (of all things) and could tell you all about any sort of tartan you could think of, along with the history of the clan it belonged to.)

On our last holiday in America, we had to drive to four different Toys R Us stores to find him a Godzilla and then a Mecha-Godzilla toy!  Godzilla needed someone to battle, after all!  He spent all of his holiday money on Godzilla toys and has loved them ever since.

All this Godzilla love has culminated in Lucas and Dave's first Godzilla film! Complete with CGI (cardboard-generated imagery).  Feast your eyes on 8 seconds of awesome!

(Dave used iMotion HD to film on his iPhone. Lucas made the flames and atomic breath with some cardboard and colouring pens. Toy extras courtesy of Lucas's extensive [sigh] collection.)

The boys are already planning their next film and Lucas is busy writing and drawing his own Godzilla comic.  I'm wondering if I'm looking at a future Hollywood wunderkind...hopefully he'll remember his dear old Mum when he's walking the red carpet at his first film premier!!

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  1. My other half thinks your little boy is adorable! We got the rare cinema chance and ended up with X men the other day as I really wanted to see that over Godzilla. It does look good but my other half really loves Monster movies like this where I prefer the comic books. His toy does look awesome! x

  2. I love that your brother was obsessed with tartan, that's so obscure! I can definitely see Lucas as a hotshot movie director, hopefully he'll dedicate a film or two to you ;) xx

  3. We saw the new X-Men film the other day--it was pretty good, much better than I expected Bryan Singer to be capable of. It was a shame that they went with Wolverine going back in time rather than Kitty, but since I got to see Hugh Jackman's bottom I'm not complaining very much :)

  4. Lucas is currently creating an elaborate battle-scene with his toys, crossing universes between Godzilla and Transformers. I do hope he won't be like Michael Bay...there are a worrying amount of explosions vs plot going on...


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