Sunday 11 May 2014

19/52 (#BEDM 11)

I came back from London to this gorgeous face.

Actually, I came back to a grey blur, moving at high speed which then leapt at me and clung on for dear life.  It's a miracle that I'm not blogging from A&E!  I think my little monster missed me...

As lovely as it was to go away by myself and do something 100% for me, I did miss his weird little observations, musings on why someone would be wearing fishing waders on the bus--I'm sure he'd have had plenty to say about that--and I would have loved to have seem his face light up at the sight of some of the cakes gracing the windows of posh cake shops in Mayfair!

On the other hand...he got to stay up late, cook his own dinner with Dave, go to the comic con, his first rugby match, stay up late again, order pizza, have a massive milkshake, new toys and probably more.  I think we both did okay out of the weekend.  Dave might need a nap, though...

Joining up with Jodie's 52 Project--a portrait of my child (ie Lucas), every week for a year.

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  1. He is such a little cutie! Sounds like he got to do so much while you was out but it is nice so nice to be able to do things for yourself x


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