Wednesday 7 May 2014

Severn Beach: rugged charm (#BEDM 7)

The Second Severn Crossing
Severn Beach is one of the least beachy beaches I know.  Still, despite the lack of golden sands, it does have a rugged, windswept (and muddy) charm of its own.  I'd never been there before, but I immediately recognised it's muddy shores from an episode of Bonekickers--did anyone else watch that show?  I loved it!

We ventured out that way a few weeks ago, taking advantage of some rare sunshine to get some fresh air and a nice walk.

One of my favourite things to do is watch Lucas explore and play.  (He probably has no idea, based on the amount of times I've told him to play more quietly!)  It was fun to watch him explore such a different landscape, a world away from golden sands and paddling, and to see where his imagination took him.

Lucas struck out across the lichen-covered rocks, exploring an alien planet like The Doctor, but as soon as he found a stick he turned into Gandalf.  "You shall not pass!" he yelled at a seagull.  The seagull looked quite taken back.

Shades of grey
We discovered loads of puffy bladderwrack on the high tide line, thrown up by the winter storms.  Lucas was fascinated by the texture, but wasn't quite brave enough to take off his gloves in case the seaweed was 'slimy'.

Lucas thought twice about walking on the mud. Lucas is very wise.
It was a lovely walk and Lucas really let his imagination run wild.  The fresh air really blew away my mental cobwebs and got me firmly in the mood for spring.

And apropos of are my boys having a staring contest.  As you do...

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  1. The question we all want answering: what became of the seagull? Did he pass? Beautiful pics of your beautiful boys. Nice beach too!
    M x

  2. I believe the seagull flew off in the end, probably muttering "Humans be weird" under its breath. I'm looking forward to more beachy beaches this summer in Cornwall!

  3. Who won the staring contest??
    I somehow knew you were going to tell me that this beautiful beach is on a TV show. I thought you'd say that it was Broadchurch, which I've never seen but I've listened to it and I know it takes place on a beach.

  4. Dave won--Lucas always starts giggling and then blinks!

    The beach scenes in Broadchurch were filmed in West Bay, Dorset, with some other filming done in Clevedon which is just down the road from us. Did you know that David Tennant is filming a US version?


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