Thursday 30 July 2015

Taking Stock

My ohana
Tonight feels like a good time to take stock... Lucas is fast asleep upstairs, I'm at one with the sofa, and on the other side of the world in Australia Dave is just waking up. It's been very cool to see pictures of his morning run past the Sydney Opera House, but I'm totally ready for him to come home now!
  • Making : a gorgeously textured crochet blanket.  If only it was big enough to cover my toes!
  • Cooking: I knocked up a gorgeous Italian style sausage and lentil dish for dinner.  The house will smell of garlic for days but it was totally worth it!
  • Drinking: berry iced tea from Friska.  We've been to Friska three times this week, they must think I've given up on cooking!
  • Reading: issue one of The Rivers of London comic.  When it was first announced I didn't like the character drawings of PC Peter Grant, but in action (as it were) he looks perfect.
  • Wanting: a big, squishy hug.
  • Looking: forward to the weekend.
  • Playing: Criminal Case. I'm addicted.
  • Wasting: time. {See playing.}
  • Sewing: nothing...yet. I did buy a gorgeous jellyroll to make a giant floor cushion though.  Lucas seems to prefer lying on the floor to sitting on the sofa,
  • Wishing: for more energy. And a housework fairy.
  • Enjoying: watching Downton Abbey. It's taken me a very long time to get into it, but I'm now loving it!
  • Waiting: for Dave to come home on Sunday.  This might necessitate a cake...
  • Wondering: how early Lucas is going to wake me in the morning!  He's better than a cockerel.
  • Loving: my little family.
  • Hoping: for sunshine tomorrow.
  • Marvelling: at the beautiful sets and costumes on Downton Abbey.
  • Needing: a good night's sleep.
  • Smelling: garlic wafting through the house. We shall be a vampire-free zone for quite a while.  What can I say?  I'm a giver.
  • Wearing: PJs and a cardigan for extra warmth.  While I don't miss sweltering evenings, it would be nice not to have to wrap up!
  • Noticing: the apples getting bigger by the day on the not-so-little apple tree.
  • Thinking: about what book to read next.  I've got The Ocean at the End of the Lane in the virtual pile, along with a stack of Robin Hobb books.
  • Bookmarking: Wordpress tutorials.  Finally getting around to the big switch from Blogger to Wordpress!
  • Opening: lots and lots of tabs in my browser.  I do like to research thoroughly!
  • Giggling: at Lucas's bad jokes.
  • Feeling: Lucky and loved.


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