Friday 10 July 2015

Friday Favourites, volume 2

It's been so long since I've done Friday Favourites, but it just had to be done this week as I have seen so many most excellent things.  This is likely to be a bit of a sporadic series, all dependent on what wonders I see each week.

So, without further ado, here are some of the things I've loved this week...

Favourite Instagrammer Allison Sadler
© This Little Space of Mine
I am loving Allison Sadler's Instagram feed. I met Allison last year at Blogtacular and her Instagram is a perfect reflection of her personality. It's full of positive, sparkly, bright, happy and beautiful things.   There's always something to make you smile!  One day I'll make it to one of her #makeitsewcial events!

Favourite Handmade Popsicle Bunting

This amazing popsicle (ice-lolly) bunting is by Bees and Apple Trees (a name I thoroughly approve of!) via Allison Sadler's Instagram.  I made some 2D ice-cream and seaside bunting last summer and had dreadful problems with it curling up and refusing to hang nicely, despite blocking. This weightier version looks like it resolves that problem neatly and it looks fantastic to boot!  I've got my yarn, a crochet hook and a pair of sunglasses...hit it!

Favourite Food Arla Skyr

I first had Skyr in America, over five years ago.  I fell in love with the thick, creamy Icelandic yoghurt (which is actually cheese, but when it tastes this good, who cares what it technically is?) and loved that it was naturally fat-free.  Since then I've been trying (and failing) to be in London when the Scandinavian Kitchen had some of this rare beast in stock,  Imagine my surprise when I found a taster stand in my local Sainsbury's last week!  I've been gorging on it ever since; the natural flavour is perfect as a replacement for sour cream in potato salad or on fajitas, and the honey is glorious.  It's very Slimming World friendly, too.

Favourite Geekery The new Doctor Who trailer!!

Coming to our screens on the 19th of September!!  Really looking forward to it, and I'm ever so curious about Arya Stark's character in this.  Could this finally be Susan??

Favourite Tutorial Pretty Handlettering in 3 Steps

© In My Own Style
I came across this tutorial on Pinterest yesterday afternoon--loving their suggested pins--and since then I've been happily doodling away.  My regular handwriting is doctor levels of terrible these days, and I always feel a bit envious when a beautifully penned card pops through the letterbox, so being able to create some beautiful lettering easily is a wonder to me!  It really does work.  I'm quite stunned at how nice my handwriting can look, especially as I'm just using an old biro at the moment. (Must raid Lucas's pencil case!)

All I need now is an upcoming birthday, wedding or baby to show off my handiwork!


Have a fabulous Friday and an awesome weekend!



  1. Well look who's back!
    I could do with any conceivable help in the handwriting stakes so thanks for sharing. I've been thinking I also really must try the Dr Who thing, Peter Capaldi is all kinds of wonderful in everything else.
    M x

  2. Yeah, baby! Guess who's back?

    I can't believe that you've still not succumbed to Doctor Who. You're really being very stubborn about this ;) Move closer and I'll introduce you to it, along with some cocktails from my Doctor Who cookbook!

  3. Oh what lovely picks - I must add the bunting to my to-make list and I'm very tempted to go and try lettering - my handwriting has deteriorated too since I don't use it extensively any more

  4. Excited to see you posting again! xx

  5. It's the Internet age, everyone's handwriting has gone down hill! It turns out that I'm going to have a few new baby cards to write soon, so now I have the perfect opportunity to practice!

  6. Aww, thanks Jennie. I'm very pleased to be back. Term-time is so hectic and I went and got myself a social life, so that's taken me away from blogging a bit! Hoping to have plenty to blog about over the summer hols!


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