Sunday 10 August 2014

Taking Stock

Sunflowers at The Eden Project
Hello!  I'm back from a lovely week in Cornwall with all of the family.  I've never been on holiday with so many people before, so that was quite the experience.  In a really great way, I hasten to add!

So, it seems like a good time to Take Stock...

MAKING a doily from a vintage crochet pattern.  I can tell you from bitter, bitter experience that this is not something to do apres vino.
COOKING nothing!  Dave did dinner tonight, bless 'im.
DRINKING a glass of Pimms, thoughtfully procured by Dave.  (I've put the doily down for its own safety.)
READING the latest copy of The Simple Things magazine.  The only trouble with saving trees and buying a digital edition is that you can't rip out pages filled with pictures of scary spiders and stuff them in the bin.,,
WANTING to play with my sewing machine tomorrow,
LOOKING at Swiss roll recipes.
PLAYING Unseen Academicals in the car.  More philosophy and Hard Questions than you could shake a stick at.
DECIDING when to go up to London for a couple of days.
WISHING that Shaun in the City was happening this year.  Greedy, I know!
ENJOYING singing along to Metallica songs.
WAITING for this film to start making sense.  Oh well, at least I can sing my heart out...
LIKING Lost Girl.  It's taken me (like so many other things) ages to start watching, but I really like it!
WONDERING what sort of soil we have in our garden.  I fell in love with blue hydrangeas in Cornwall and apparently they like an acidic soil.  I feel a trip to B&Q coming on...
LOVING my little family, as always.
PONDERING how many years it's been since we saw Metallica at Wembley.
CONSIDERING crawling into bed soon.
WATCHING Through The Never. I can't believe it's taken me such a long time to watch Metallica!!
HOPING that the dregs of ex-hurricane Bertha don't cause too much damage
MARVELLING at The Corner Shop art installation in London.
NEEDING to go to the supermarket tomorrow.
SMELLING orange and ginger shower gel.
WEARING my oldest, comfiest clothes to slouch on the sofa.
FOLLOWING the weather forecast. How very British of me.
KNOWING that life is good.
ADMIRING my beautiful new mug that I bought in Cornwall.
SORTING out a play-date for Lucas with his best friend. I can't wait to tell him tomorrow!



  1. Sounds like a happy moment! And as for the Hydrangeas; I think they can be influenced by genetics (i've got purple and pink ones in my garden here so soil isn't everything) but I also have vague recollections that putting the end of the teapot on them will help them be blue - says the girl who grew up in Devon where they also have stunning blue hydrangeas and wasn't paying very much attention at the time!

  2. I'm so looking forward to Shaun in the City next year! I hope they publish a map in advance again so I can get organised early and plan a route round them all! :-) xx


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