Friday 25 July 2014

The Doctor Who Experience

Dalek and Cybermen mural at the Doctor Who Experience

During the Christmas holidays we surprised Lucas with a trip to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.  (Although, he worked out where we were going shortly after we passed the sign for Newport through a series of deductions that were Sherlock-worthy (and mildly annoying)).  Brace yourselves for epic (and yes, belated) geeky pic-spam!

The entrance hall of the Experience has a selection of props from the show, some classic and and some very, very new ones.  We were incredibly excited to see Handles on display, only a couple of weeks after the Christmas special!

If you happen to find yourself visiting on a busy day then it gives you something to ooh and aah over while you wait for the Interactive Adventure to begin.

Handles--probably the Doctor's longest-serving Companion

The Moment

River Song artefacts
"Spoilers, sweetie."

Unfortunately no photos are allowed inside the interactive adventure, but having done it twice, I can tell you that it is awesome!  I really, really don't want to spoil the fun, so you'll simply have to take a trip to Cardiff yourself.  Now, if you want to adventure through time and space with the Eleventh Doctor, you'll have to be quick.  The Experience closes on the 1st of September so that it can regenerate into an all-new adventure with Twelve.  I expect the exhibit hall will also get a swift update!

Eleven, in wax.
One of the first things we saw when we walked into the exhibit hall was a replica of the First Doctor's TARDIS console, used in the filming of the excellent An Adventure in Time and Space drama last year.

Replica of the First Doctor's TARDIS console
The First Doctor's TARDIS
I pored over the display of sonic screwdrivers and TARDIS keys for a while.  I love that while all the signs are in Welsh as well as English, sonic screwdriver is the same in both languages!

I love the display of the Doctor's costumes, all laid out in order.  There are also plenty of companion costumes, although mainly from the new series, which is fair enough as those costumes probably weren't preserved!

The Second Doctor also felt that bowties were cool, although not quite in those words.
K-9 was looking most dapper
There was a spot of bother with one of the TARDIS consoles.  Luckily Lucas and Dave were on-hand with sonics to sort it all out!

There are so many wonderful prop displays in the exhibit hall; I could post a hundred photos and still not scratch the surface.  So I'm going to cherry-pick my favourites to finish with.

The Doctor's cradle, just beautiful design,
Special Weapons Dalek
"Don't blink."
We had a great time at the Doctor Who Experience, especially Lucas who bounced excitedly between exhibits, operated a Dalek, and hid behind me to escape from the Weeping Angels!  (Thank goodness they didn't have any children in gas masks otherwise I'd have tried to hide behind him!)  We'll definitely be back for the Capaldi adventure and to see all the lovely new props that keep being added.

If you love Doctor Who and haven't gone yet, then you absolutely must go!!  In!

"I'm the Doctor, nice to meet you.!"



  1. I am utterly jealous! This looks like such an amazing day out! This will definitely be one to go to for a family day out. You all look like you're having so much fun x

  2. I want to run there very badly.
    And I'm so curious about what it was like in the place with no photos/videos!
    And.. Handles!!

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