Saturday 20 July 2013

A bit of everything...

C'mon in...have a coffee and a sit down...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...I had a blog.  A food blog, to be precise--you may or may not remember A Spoonful of Sugar--and I loved it.  But then, I had a baby and my posts fell by the wayside except for the guilt-ridden drive-by-posts every so often (everyone knows those), so I stopped blogging.

Now, years later, my sweet baby has grown up into a sweet and geeky monster (his mostly affectionate nickname), and I find myself really missing the fun of blogging.  Since I don't just want to talk about food, I thought that a lifestyle blog would work well.  I'm pretty normal, so please don't expect to see wildly aspirational stuff; that's what Pinterest is for!

I hope you'll enjoy the occasional glimpse into my life, whether it's Gromit hunting in and around Bristol, blather about cross stitch or knitting, particularly tasty recipes, and my ever-growing reading pile of comics and Kindle books.

Angela xx

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